Fred: Alright, people, today's battle is going to be intense. Today it is our favourite moon combat contestant SAILOR JUPITER against.... Miaka!

Bob: Who the hell is Miaka?

Fred: Don't you follow anime Bob? Miaka is the priestess of Suzaku from Fushigi Yuugi! She became the priestess of Suzaku to help save the land of Konan and to help her is her seven seishi (not senshi).

Bob: Her seven what?

Fred: Her seven seishi, they are like destined you know, to like protect Miaka cause she's the priestess of Suzaku.... Oh, here they come....

*The Seishi walk in as Fred announces their name*

Lady Jupiter: Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing for the first time on Moon combat, the Suzaku Seven..... First we have Chiriko, a 13th year old boy genius who is also talented musically. Then there's Mitsukake, the one with the power to heal, third there is Tasuki, a hot head who has a fan that flares out fire, fourth there is Chichiri, a fun loveable guy with the power to teleport, fifth there is Nuriko, a courageous, cross-dressing guy with a crush on the emperor, sixth there is Hotohori, who conducts himself with Love, Honour and Duty as the emperor of Konan, and finally, last but not least, our main man...... TAMAHOME.... "the protector" of the Priestess of Suzaku.... who is entering now.... welcome Miaka!!!! Let's give a big hand to our new cast added to Moon Combat. The cast of Fushigi yuugi!

The crowd is quiet and only leers at the new seishi and Miaka.

A Fan: Oh please, who do they think they are? Miaka with our meatballs and seven "seishi". Whatever!! Kick 'em out!!!!

Crowd (on their feet): Boo.... get out, get out get out!

Lady Jupiter: PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! Chill!!!!!! BE NICE.... or else! Do not judge before you get a chance to know them! Fushigi Yuugi is a loveable and bewitching story, so don't comment on it before you know. It's merely coincedental that it has a few things in common with Sailor Moon. Actually they have similarities because the creator of the two are best friends! That's cute! Come on!!!! Plus if you think our scouts are so good, what are you worried about? So stop being babies about it!

The Crowd grumbles but sits and quiets down.

Lady Jupiter: Now on this side, the group that needs no introduction.... The Sailor Scouts....

The scouts walk in welcomed by all the cheering and lastly Sailor Jupiter enters.

Bob: Let the battle begin....

Sailor Jupiter: I'm sorry.... Miaka... but you're going down.....

Miaka: I can take you... you don't look that strong... Grrr... come on! I've seen the WWF, and I can take you on!

Sailor Jupiter: Oh isn't that cute, the little girl thinks she can hurt me, how amusing!

Miaka: Ahhhhh...

Fred: Miaka has just head butted right into Jupiter's stomach. Oh, Jupiter didn't like that. She looks mad! Oh no, she just picked up Miaka above her head and has thrown her across the stadium...uh oh, watch out Miaka.....

Sailor Jupiter: JUPITER THUNDER DRAGON......

Tamahome: MIAKA.....

Suzaku Six: Miaka.....Watch out....

Miaka: What?.... Oh no.... Ahhhhhhh

Bob: I can't look.....

Fred: Oh my god....

Sailor Moon: What?????

Tamahome: I told you I'd always protect you....

Fred: Um... it seems that in the last minute Tamahome jumped in front of Sailor Jupiter's attack and took the whole blow. He doesn't look good folks.

Miaka: Tamahome? Tamahome, why, why did you do that?

Tamahome: I told you... *cough* I told you I'd *cough* always watch over you and protect you Miaka, and I intend to keep my *cough* promise.

Tuxedo: Hey buddy, that's my line! You think you're so sincere huh? Yo Sailor Moon get over here, so I can tell you how great you are...and blah blah

Sailor Moon: I will not be ordered around!

Before she can say another word her lips are captured in a searing kiss my Tuxedo Mask.

Announcer 1: Oh, nasty and Sailor Moon and Tuxedo are lip-locking like there's no tommorow. Please cover the eyes of all those under the age of 12.... oh my god, I don't believe it!

Miaka: oh Tamahome, you would've never been hurt if it wasn't for me. [She starts to cry]

Lady Jupiter: Damn staright, he wouldn't have been hurt, god Miaka. You're so weak. Step away. You are not what Tamahome needs....

Announcer 1: uh-oh I have a feeling I know what's coming up...

Lady Jupiter: Tamahome needs me! Come Tama-kins, I'll make it all better.

Miaka turns around. *Thinks to herself* She's right. I'm so weak. I can't win. And I'm only putting the seishi in danger. I'll have to forfeit. To protect them.

Miaka: I forfeit.

Sailor Jupiter: No chance, girlie, me and you are going to prove it once and for all, that Sailor Moon rules over Fushigi Yuugi!! It will happen now!!!

Scouts: Right!!! Let's go!

Announcer 2: Oh no! Not again! Guys.... great....just great.... the seishi and senshi are about to go at it... and where the heck is Sailor Moon. [Make-out noises can be heard in the background] Oh yeah, I forgot.

Lady Jupiter: Oh no! This can't be happening. I like both of them. Senshi vs. Seishi? Who should iwn? I like them all..... wahhhhhhh.... I guess there's only one thing to do! We'll let the fans decided! Click on one of the links below!

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