Miaka: Please don't fight, for me. Please don't.

Lady Jupiter: Don't worry they're not! They're doing for it their own pride. They're always putting their lives in jeopardy for you and you walk around like this naive girl, and unappreciate them. Especially Hotohori. You're going down.

Announcer 1: Whoa! Sounds like Lady T. has beef with Miaka.

Lady Jupiter: Not just beef but a whole yard full of cattle!!! You idiot Miaka, I swear... you're such a...mmmmm....mmmm

Fred comes and restrains Lady T. making her unable to speak. She is carried away babbling.

Annnouncer 2: Well now that we shut up Lady Jupiter we can get to battling. Do these guys even have any powers.

Tasuki: Powers? You want to see powers? How about some fire power. [he aims his fan] *KARASHA.

Announcer 1: Holy cow, that some fireball. Yikes...

Sailor Mars: Two can play at that game.... MARS FIREBIRD STRIKE....

Tasuki: KARASHA.

Announcer 2: The two fire attacks have collided and counter-balanced each other. It looks like Mars won't be able to do it afterall.

Sailor Mercury: Use your head Mars.... MERCURY ICE BUBBLES FREEZE.

Tasuki: My fan, it's frozen... argh.... what have you done.

He kneels to the ground trying to de-freeze his fan.

Chichiri: wow, she's very smart you know. I think I just found who I should battle, you know. Let's see you beat me, girlie.


Announcer 1: What the hell, the ice bubbles were heading straight for him and he dissapeared. How'd he do that, where the hell is he?

Chichiri: I'm behind you, you know.

Announcer 2: Whoa! Now that's cool. Teleportation powers are always helpful, not to mention big with the crowd.

Crowd: Woo - hoo... go... go go go .... fight fight fight...

Sailor Mercury: [Turns around] MERCURY ICE BUBBLES FREEZE....

Announcer 1: Aaaahhhh, him, him not me.

Announcer 2: Well it seems Bob, almost got toasted or in this case frozen... he was getting a little too cool.... ha ha ha... get it... ha ha ha? Guys? Guys?

Chiriri: Here we go.... [poof]

Announcer 1: Phew, that was close but where is he now? Oh no, behind you Merc.... and oh Chichiri has just floored Sailor Mercury, with this staff. That looked like it hurt. She's not getting up... 1...2...3... Ding.... Chichiri Wins.

Announcer 2: This is not a boxing match! Did you go see "Ali" last night or something?

Announcer 1: Maybe.

Chichiri: Ofcourse I win, you know!

Sailor Jupiter: That's it. I've had it. I came for a battle and that's what I'm going to get. I started this and I'll end this. If I have to go through you guys to get to Miaka, you better believe I will.

Announcer 1: Whoa, Suzaku guys watch out, she's got her "gonna kick some serious butt" tone. I'd be afraid.

Sailor Jupiter: Eternal Jupiter Crisis makeup.

Announcer 2: I didn't know she could do that.

Announcer 1: I guess she can. Is it just me or does she look even hotter?

Announcer 2: Drool....

Sailor Jupiter: Here we go!

Announcer 2: Jupiter has literally jumped into action. Boom, oh, a nice roundhouse kick to take down the little guy.... Chiriko... poor thing didn't know what hit him.

Chiriko: Anyone catch the number of that bus? [Little birdies are floating around his head] Was it the yellow school bus... oh no I'll be late for school...[his head spins and he falls to the ground]

Announcer 1: Jupiter hasn't stopped, she has leased a punching tirade on Nuriko, she's so going down.

Nuriko: Oh Tama baby, HELP!!!

Sailor Jupiter: Sorry you're boy ain't helping you now. Hi-ya.

Announcer 1: And with a mighty kick Nuriko is out of the picture ladies and gents.

Crowd: Woo- hoo... Jupiter jupiter Jupiter....

Cheerleaders enter the stadium and start a routine chanting:

Cheerleaders: Go, go fight fight, gee doesn't Jupiter look great tonight? Throw a punch, and some kicks, take them down all tonight, Jupiter Jupiter, she's our girl if she can't do it, No one can... woooo...

Announcer 2: Who ordered the cheerleaders?

Announcer 1: Have you seen them? Don't question it, just be happy. Hi girls...

Mindy (top cheerleader): Drop dead! [She flips her hair and heads for the bleachers]

Announcer 1: Well the cheerleaders have left and taken my heart with them....

Announcer 2: Oh please! Hey look Jupiter's in action again.

Sailor Jupiter: Come on big guy(Mitsukake)! Let's go you and me.

Announcer One: And Mitsukake and Sailor jupiter have launched a old fashioned fist fight... Jupiter jabs, but misses, Mitsukake lunges and ouch land one in the stomach. But Jupiter is relentless, she gets him in the face. Mitsukake didn't expect that. A jab in the stomach, jaw, face and he's down. He is down folks!! But what is going on, there is someone behind Jupiter.

A pair of hands grabs Sailor Jupiter and she finds herself in the air. She opens her eyes to see the stadium below her.

Announcer 1: Where is she? Where is she? It was Chichiri, wasn't it? Where are they... look up, it's a bird, it's a plane... no it's Sailor Jupiter and Chichiri.

Chichiri: You're going down...literally you know.

Announcer 1: He wouldn't.....

AAAAAHHHHHH. Everyone covers their eyes as Jupiter falls.

Announcer 1: I don't believe. She isn't getting up. Someone do something she isn't getting up. That wasn't supposed to happne, someone help her.

Miaka runs over to Jupiter.

Miaka: Are you okay? Oh, this is all my fault. Trust me I'll help you. I'll do something. But I'm helpless I don't have any powers yet. Can I do anything? Just because you're my opponent doesn't mean your life isn't of value. Let me get someone, don't worry, everything will be fine.

Lady Jupiter: You loser, you idiot, you see what you've done? Jupiter, Jupiter.... I'm going to kill Chichiri... Jupiter....mmmm...mmmmm

Announcer 1: Lady Jupiter has been restrained once again. Man, she is losing it! Wait it seems Jupiter is getting up.

Sailor Jupiter: Because you have shown me kindness when I was after to kick your butt, I will forget fighting you, atleast for today. But Chichiri won't be spared. [Gets up]

Chichiri: You don't have me yet you know. [Makes a motion with hands]

Sailor Jupiter: Hey I can't move.

Announcer 1: Neither can I, and I really have to scratch my nose.

Announcer 2: It seems that most people here quite immobile. How is Jupiter going to get out of this one.

Sailor Jupiter: I will not let you win. You think you can kick my ass and get away with it? Think again.

Announcer 2: Yeah, Chichiri my man, you are a dead man. She's got the "I'm gonna kill you" tone now. Now you've done it.

Sailor Jupiter: You think you're the only one with powers? Try this on for size. JUPITER SUPREME THUNDER.

Announcer 1: Oh no, Jupiter's electricity has flowed to her tiara, rod but it won't go anywhere because Jupiter can't aim and force it out. Oh no... my itch is getting worse.

Sailor Venus: Let it go Jupiter or you'll fry. Spoke too soon.

Announcer 2: Okay now that looked painful. She not only has many ribs broken from her fall but now probably gave out about 3.5 of her I.Q. But atleast she's mobile again.

Chichiri: I'm wonderig how come you can move again you know.

Sailor Jupiter: Using my 0.5 I.Q. (glares at Announcer 2) my thunder bolt diffused the particles that held me under your power. Now it's my turn to have... FUN!

Miaka: Chichiri, don't. Stop fighting, you'll be killed.

Lady Jupiter: You better believe it Miaka. Jupiter can kick all your seishi's ass in the same battle. Mess with Jupiter huh? Wait and see why she'll ......mmmm.....mmmm

Announcer 2: Whoa and Lady Jupiter has for the third time today been restrained and taken away. How does she keep getting back here. We got a get some better security.

Sailor Jupiter: You're finished! JUPITER FLOWER HURRICANE...

Chichiri dissappears and appears right behind Jupiter.

Sailor Jupiter: Not gonna work [turns around] JUPITER SUPREME THUNDER.

Announcer 1: Even I didn't see that coming. Chichiri was amazingly fast and avoided Jupiter's first attack and then he dissappeared and before we know it Jupiter throws another thunder attack right behind her and would you look at that we have toasted Chichiri for lunch! How would like it? Medium or rare?

Announcer 2: I don't think Jupiter gave us a choice, he looks well done to me.

Sailor Jupiter: Anyone else want some? I've got plenty to spare.

Hotohori: You wish Miaka no harm and hence we have no reason to quarrel.

Announcer 1: Then I announcer the sailor scouts, especially Sailor Jupiter the winner.

Crowd: Woo-hoo... go jupiter! We knew it!

The Crowd leave satisfied with the outcome of the battle. Knowing their scouts still rule supreme.

Announcer 1: Well it was one hell of a battle here folks. The scouts win but they know they haven't seen all of the seishi at their fullest yet either, so the challenge is still there. So join us next time.

Lady Jupiter: oh please, Scouts rule... no seishi will ever beat them... muwaahhhh... and Miaka please, she's no priestess of Suzaku, I'd make a better priestess with two hands tied behind my back why....mmmm....mmmm

Announcer 2: Join us next time folks as Lady Jupiter is being taken away. Don't worry Lady Jupiter, the men in white coats are you friend.

Lady Jupiter: I'm going to soooooo killl you ....mmmm.....mmmmm

The End