Sailor Jupiter: I started this, and I'll end this! Come on I'll take you all... oh but not you, what did you say your name was? You remind me of my old boyfriend Freddie.

Mitsukake: I am known as Mitsukake, I heal all.

Sailor Jupiter: Why don't me and you go, and you can heal some of my wounds!

Announcer 2: Well it seems Jupiter is at her best today.... in flirting... can we get some action please?

Sailor Jupiter: Hey I'm game, how about you Mits? You don't mind if I call you that do you?

Mitsukake: If you look that good you can call me pickletoes if you like!

Announcer 1: Sailor Jupiter and Mitsukake have left for a date apparently.

Sailor Mars: Hey what about us?

Sailor Mercury: Yeah! Let's stop all this fighting nonsense and go out for some sundaes! I like you... what did you say your name was... Chichiri? Love your hair.

Chichiri: It's blue like yours, you know. I would love some ice cream you know.

Announcer 1: What is this? Blind date show? Hey Mars snag that cute guy with the orange hair.

Tasuki: The name is Tasuki you idiot!

Sailor Mars: Let's go!

Sailor Venus: Don't say I'm stuck with the little guy.

Nuriko: Don't you worry, we'll go to the mall and get our hair done, and nails done. Some spa relaxation is definitely on the list don't you think?

Sailor Venus: You read my mind!

Announcer 2: Okay apparently all the seishi have been taken except Chiriko who seems to be saying hi to Chibi-Moon. I guess we've lost another one!

Hotohori stand alone in the stadium looking around with no more scouts in sight.

Announcer 2: Poor Hoto, rich and powerful yet no date. You're as bad as me buddy!!!! hahahahah.

Lady Jupiter: Hey Hotohori, baby, forget about Miaka, me and you babe, we'll rule Konan like no one ever could.

Announcer 1: Should've guessed. Ofcourse Lady Jupiter would save him for herself.

Lady Jupiter: Hey Hotohori is the best and if anyone says otherwise.... plus he's HOT, and very RICH and very POWERFUL. Not to mention honorable, kind and sweet. I mean what else could a girl ask for. *sigh* Come Hoto baby, let us rule Konan together.

Announcer 1: Hey how come Hotohori doesn't get any lines?

Announcer 2: Because Lady T. knows he would pick Miaka over her.

Lady Jupiter: He would not! Why I oughta....

Lady Jupiter chases Fred around the stage while the crowd begins to leave.

Announcer 1: I guess you can say the Seishi won, cause they got some really hot dates!!! Something me and Fred are still working on! Anyway hopefully we'll have some actual action next time though! It seems Miaka is helping Tamahome up and they are leaving for home and Tux and Moon well they're still at it! GET A ROOM! I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of Suzaku seishi here at moon combat, so join us next time!

The End