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Welcome to A Breeze of Thunder. Or Lady Jupiter Sailor Moon page as it used to be known.
If you're new, you're probably wondering what my site is all about! This Sailor Jupiter themed site has lots to do for any moonie. Go to the Image Gallery for over 900 images, the Animated gif gallery has over 250 animated gifs. Also check out the links section and add your link! As well click on "The webmistress" to find out more about yours truly! Check out "A Drops of Jupiter" for my Sailor Jupiter Shrine!

There's more! So you're thinking... you're site has everything most sites have... I have that and more! That's not all. Enjoy my world renowed Moon Combats, where your favorite scouts go head to head in combat, based loosely on Mortal Kombat. They're almost like mini-fanfics.Another big attration is The Moonie Activity Center which has, a library of Fanifcs, lots and lots of sailor moon games to play online, a music section with sound files like Wav files, Mp2 files and more. There's a guide to online Sailor Moon shopping, and find pages and pages of Sailor moon Coloring books. And dont' forget to check out the Fanart section and sumbit your sailor moon drawings. And for the artistically challenged find a section on how to draw!

The Webpage help section has lots and lots of free Sailor Moon webgraphics for any webmaster, as well find Custom Sailor Moon Postcards, Chat, polls, message boards and more at the Interactivity Center!


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