June 19, 2002

Hey yo, it's update time. This ones kinda big and really really really good!! I added $, count em FOUR new games to the Activity Center!!!! Have fun while playing Sailor Moon versions of TETRIS, SQUARES, SNAKE and a fun game where Beryl flys around and chases you around the page. Don't get caught! As well, Connect 4 was fixed so it should work on all computers now!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

June 16, 2002

Hey hey everyone! Happy Father's Day! I'm back with an update!!! What's been updated you ask? Lots!!!! Well first of all, the MIC now known as "Interactivity" was updated wtih 4 count 'em 4 NEW sections! Woo-hoo!!! Sing.View Guestbook, a FAQ, A NEW Vote for My site page... please please please vote for me in the topsites!!!! And my webring is back up and functional! The other section that got major renovations is the "You know you like Sailor Jupiter too much when..." It got a brand new look and it's been updated with two pages full of the crazy stuff you guys do! Check out page 5 and page 6 are all new!!! Hope you like the new look!

May 28, 2002

Hey guys! As you know, I do one huge update at the beginning of the summer. Which includes major revamping. And it's here!!!!! As you probably saw, the first page has a brand new look! It's a big thanks to my one and only brother!!! He's so great! Check out his site at http://www.senspride.sports-page.com I have updated some content though. My webpage help section was updated majorly!!! I added TWO new webpackages, added new updated links and fixed all other pages. The links section was also revamped slightly! I also added a brand new GAME in the MAC. Now you can go play Connect-4, Sailor Moon style! Enjoy! Look for more updates. They're all coming!

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