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These web packages contain different sets of things that go togehter. I made web packages because I can then group similar things together instead having to wait for the whole page of pictures to load. Read the descriptions to see if it's what you need and then look at the example button below to get a taste of what they look like. Then click on that button to download the zip file that contains all of it!

Hey brand new webpage stuff made by yours truly.  I've made them into sets.  They are concealed in zip files.   I hope you like them!  Each set includes a banner, buttons, background, rom animation.  If you have problem with any of them or anything else about webpage stuff give me a "call" at . Have Fun! Just Click the button of the scout that you want a webpage package of. Please feel free to use all of them if you want, I just would like if you gave me credit for them and put a link on your site to my site. Thanks!

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I have recently seen a lot of the black and white manga so I decided to make some buttons for those people. As much as I like the manga I miss the color so I spent all this time and made them all nice and colored. You can even use them as layered buttons. Click the black and white button to download the black and white ones and the color one to download the colored buttons. Download them both if you want!!
Layered they would look like this: Put your cursor over the button!


I picked my favourite picture and made buttons out of it. They are pre-made foryour site and for people who don't want blank buttons. They say things like Awards, Fanficiton, Profiles, and much more. There is a total of 10 buttons. Click on the example button below to download the zip that contains them now.

These next buttons are beautiful manga pictures I found that I thought looked great as buttons. I had to stretch stuff and take stuff out and put stuff in so it didn't look like the picture was distorted. Hope you like them. Don't forget to give a link back. Click the button below to download the zip containing the 15 buttons. They feature mostly moon but also has mars and mercury and Jupiter.

This set is a set of seven buttons. They feature the inner scouts and chibi-moon. There is also a misc. button. They are all made from the same manga image and would work great for a big section in your webpage or even for image gallery buttons.

This set is my newest and probably the best. It's made from a picture of when Serena And Darien get married. It's a really really good set!

With More to come....

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