This is a chart you may use to sort our your pages. If you are a beginner and looking for some stuff to get you going I've organized the following table to do jsut that! it has backgrounds, buttons sounds and much more! You may use any of the following on your webpages. But please make a link back to me when you do! Thanx!

The page Backgrounds Music Special Effects Button
This category explains what page of your webpage to use the things for you. The backgrounds picture you may use. I give choices sometimes. The background music to go with that page. I give some choices. Anything cool that may go with the theme of the page I worked really hard on the buttons so if you use any of them please make a link back to me! Go to my link section for info!
1) Your starting page Japanese theme music or Engilsh theme music You can add the story of Sailor Moon. Long ago...  
2) Sailor Moon page Eternal Sailor Moon or music. Sailormoon transforming gif
3) Sailor Mercury page "Only a memory away"  
4) Sailor Mars Page "Oh Starry Night" "Mars Firebird strike" gif
5) Sailor Jupiter page "Rainy Day" Jupiter transformation gif!
6) Sailor Venus page Sailor Venus music Venus transformation gif
7) Tux/Darien page Tuxedo mask transformation music  
8) Outers page Outers Transformation Music  
10) Fanfic page      

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