I created this section for those who love moon combat. Now the thing is Moon combat is an idea that me and my brother came up with. Now we were playing the Sailor Moon Rom games and I was Jupiter and the computer was Sailor Moon and she kicked my butt. I was saying like if it was for real sailor moon would get hurt and then break down and start to cry. We started discussing what would happen if that person went against that person, and what about him with her and etc. Then my brother came up with the idea that we should make like little episodes of what would happen if those individuals did fight. He decided to call it Moon Combat derived from Mortal Kombat which was our favourite fighting game. I was skeptical but my brother went ahead and made the first page. It lay in our computer for a month and because of his constant nagging I put it up! I really didn't look at it much and then some of my closest friends really liked and said it was good. So I revamped his page and started to build the section. That was last December or so. So my section grew and hopefully it will continue! Everyone loved it so I continued.

Now recently I was reviewed by a webpage review commitee called the Outer Scout Reviews and they reviewed my site and said my moon combat was kind of like "Senshi vs. Senshi" from the Anti-Mercury Page. I was baffled because I always prided myself that my moon combats were unique. I mean everyone has images, movies, and the like but I was the only one with my Moon combats! I asked them for the url and I went their and it was familiar to moon combats. and then also from them I learned of The Senshi battle zone which was also similar to Moon combat. Now checked out both sites and they were there long before mine so there is no way they copied. It's strange that individuals could think of the same thing. So Below are descriptions and links to the those places that are similar to moon combat!

The Anti-Mercury Page - "Senshi vs. Senshi"

This is really like moon combats except it's always Sailor Mercury vs. Another character where Mercury eventually loses. It is all told from two announcers point of view and the opponents don't say much. Be warned however. It is very very violent and Mercury ends up really dead in most of them, so if you are a huge fan of Mercury don't check it out, cause you'll be hurt. But if your mature go ahead. I rate it PG-13.

Senshi Battle Zone- http://revolt.hispeed.com/suze/sbz
Now this is much more similar to moon combat with noticeable differences. There are two annoucers just like here but it's more interactive. You control the battle. A battle takes long time to develop. Basically a battle is started and then people can say their comments on the battle, eg. who will win etc. and then you vote for the person you want to have win! Say depending on the amounts of vote the story is written that way and that person wins. but I would caution you. They have different writing style thanme so they are different. Sometimes it doesn't make sense, sometimes it's offensive but it's not meant seriously and only in the name of humour. Just warning you just in case!


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