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It's 7:00 in the morning and Sailor Moon walks in to the stadium.

Announcer One (Fred): *Rubs his eyes* It's so early, what am I doing out here in the stadium?

Announcer Two (Bob): Well, this is a change, Sailor moon is early! We'll have to call Tuxedo mask and tell him to come!

Tuxedo mask: hello? *yawn*

Bob: Tuxedo mask, you have to come now! Sailor Moon is actually early, and the croud is here and cheering!

Tuxedo Mask: uh... ok....

Back at the Stadium
Sailor Moon: I'm hungry... *eyes a passing ice cream person* mmm! ice cream! my favorite! *and starts eating the ice cream*

1/2 an hour later: Tuxedo mask walks in Fred: and now the battle can begin! *Rini walks in, followed by all the sailor scouts*

Rini: go Tuxedo Mask!! ohwhooo ohwhoooo! Go go go!!!

Bob: Let the battle begin!

Sailor moon: Moon Tiara Magic! *starts to throw her tiara * Noooo! I can't! He's too hunkey to fight against...

Rini: Tuxedo Mask, now's your chance get her!!!!!! Tuxedo mask: Throws a rose at Sailor Moon, *but misses, almost on purpose*

Fred: What's wrong with these two, they don't even know how to fight!

Tuxedo mask: I refuse to fight Sailor Moon, so I am willing to forfeit if necessary. I'm not going to fight my only love and the future mother of my children. What does this look like to you, a soap opera?

Sailor Moon: Me too, I can't fight Tuxedo Mask...I love him.

*Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask run up to each other and hug each other. Take each others hands and walks out of the stadium hand in hand.

Bob: I see, this is an unfair battle, you can't fight someone you love! Who thought this one up, anyway?

Rini: *Whistles and rubs her toe against the ground* Humm dee dumm I'm just an innocent little child he he he

Crowd: We want a fight! we want a fight! Fight, fight fight fight!!!!

Bob: Um, any volenteers? *looks at the Sailor Scouts* None? um....

Crowd: Announcer vs annoucer! announcer vs announcer!

Fred: I guess but...

Bob: No, I bleed easily...

S. Mars: I'll take over the position of annoucer while you two fight S. Mars: What's this? Bob is hitting Fred on the head with a microphone.. wait! Fred just splashed cold coffee into his face, Bob is down and Fred is smacking him with the coffie cup! Bob is directing annoying mike screetches in Freds direction! Fred is down on his knees holding his ears! this battle is getting rough and tough! Bob has thrown his baseball cap at Fred and... what's this, Fred is knocked out! I'd say this battle goes to Bob the Announcer!

Bob: *with tears in his eyes* I... I... feel... so... special! Gradually everyone in the stadium leaves. Except for the Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo mask, and Sailor Moon.

Sailor Scouts: Hey, where are Tuxedo mask and Sailor Moon? The scouts walk out and find Tuxedo mask and Sailor Moon sleeping on a bench.

Sailor Jupiter: awww, how sweet.. WAKE UP YOU TWO!!!!

Sailor Moon: *murmers with her eyes closed* come on I didn't get any sleep. I just need some more shut eye *falls back asleep*

Sailor Jupiter: Sailor Mercury, get over here and douse these two with some water, they can't just sleep here!

S. Mercuery: Shabon spray!

Tuxedo Mask: Do you mind girls I was trying to sleep, ah as well I'll just go home and get some sleep. Bye Serena *kisses her on the cheek*

Sailor Moon: Bye, Oh, I'm so sleepy, what time is it? *looks at her watch* what, it's 9:00? I'll miss mom's famous breakfasts. Come on Rini.

Sailor Moon runs towards her house while dragging Rini screaming.

Sailor Scouts: Those two will never get along will they? *shakes their heads*

The End