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 Announcer One: It's time for another riviting moon combat. Today's battle should be interesting to say the least. Today it will be between Sailor Jupiter and the cute Mr. Mime. for those of you who don't know Mr. Mime...He's a human shaped pokemon and his main attack is to copy the attack of his opponent. Will Sailor Jupiter thunder be strong enough? Who knows.

Announcer Two: The battle has begun.

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter Thunder Crash

Mr. Mime: Mr. mime, mime, mime.

Announcer One: Mr. Mime has created somesort of wall and the attack has failed.

Mr. Mime: "Jumime-pimime-ter mimeThun-mimeder- mimeCrashmime"

Announcer Two: And here is Mr. Mime's signature trick, he has just copied sailor jupiter's thunder attack... Oh, look at that Sailor Jupiter jumped it.

Sailor jupiter {To herself}: If he can block my attacks and then do the same attack at me, I've got to think of someway of doing the same. Hmmmmmm...

Sailor Jupiter signals a time out and goes and talks to Sailor Neptune. They talk for awhile and Sailor Jupiter re-enters the rink.

Announcer One: Sailor Jupiter has come back after a time out and there she goes again...

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter thunder clap charge

Mr. Mime: Mime, mime, mime.

Announcer One: There is Mr. Mime's wall again preventing Sailor Jupiter's attack to hurt him.

Mr. Mime: Mimejupiter mimethunder mimeclap mimecharge

Her own attack approaches Sailor Jupiter, she quickly takes out Sailor Jupiter's mirror and deflects the attack.

Announcer One: Oh my god. Did you see that ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Mime had no idea what was coming. Sailor jupiter deflected her own attack with the help of Sailor Neptune's tailsman. it went so quickly that Mr. Mime had no time to make his wall and he was struck by the thunder clap. So the victor is ...Sailor Jupiter.

Announcer Two: Great Idea, Sailor Jupiter, I always did like her for her mind.

Announcer One: Noooooo, I clearly remember you saying you liked her long legs and her...

Announcer Two: Shut up,...Sailor Jupiter so how does feel to win?

Sailor Jupiter: Great! See us sailor scouts, we have brains as well, itcompliments our beauty and great legs.

Announcer One: Hey, it doesn't hurt to have both...heh heh

Sailor Jupiter: What did you say? Were you make a chauvanist remark?

Announcer One: No...No..I mean...Ah...uh...I'm in trouble aren't I?

Announcer Two: Well that's it for today. Sailor Jupiter is now beating up Announcer One....you go girl......

Announcer One: Who's side are you on anyway....ouch...yikes...ahhhhhhhhhh

Announcer Two: Se you next time.

Sailor Jupiter: Come back here...coward...Hey...

The End