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Announcer Two: Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Moon Combat . Our battle today will be between That dashing masked man Tuxedo Mask and the hunky Safire.

Announcer One: Battle just minutes away, but Darien or Safire haven't come in yet.

Announcer One: I wonder what is keeping them?

Announcer Two: What is that I hear? It sounds like screaming?

Announcer One: Oh I know, that would be the screaming girls that are keeping tuxedo mask and safire. From the sound of it they'll be here in 3-2-1.

Aahhhhhhhh, We love you tuxedo, we love you safire...hey he's mine...what do you mean yours?...He's mine..no he'smine..oh as if...want a facelift girlfriend...both of you shut up...he's mine...hey!!!

The crowd of girls fight each other to claim Tuxedo Mask and Safire as theirs.

Announcer Two: Finally, tha battle will begin..look at all those girls, what do they have that i don't have?

Announcer One: Yeah, if you strip away their smooth tone, great fashion taste, great body, deep voice and a nice car what do you get! YOU!

Announcer Two: yeah, thanks!! That really made me feel better. Look the there about to start. I hope they both lose. Then I can have all those girls.

Announcer One: Yeah, right! Dream on!

Annoucer Two: Well...I guess i will.

Announcer Two stares into space dreamily, unaware of anything that's going on around him.

Announcer One: Oh no there is total pandamoniem here. The girls supporting Tuxedo mask and the girls supporting Safire have started to fight each other.

Tuxedo Mask: Girls, girls please I'll show you I'm the best there's no need to fight.

He takes of his hat and gestures at the girls. Some of the girls faint while others can be heard muttering "Can I bear your children?"

Safire: Please Tuxedo Mask, I'm the best and I'll show you!

Safire supporters: Yeah you show em' Safire!!!!

Tuxedo Supporters: As if, dream on! Tuxedo is going to mop the floor with Safire.

Safire Supporters: Oh yeah, with what , that puny rose?

Tuxedo supportes: Puny? Why Ioughta...

Tuxedo and Safire: Girls, girls please don't fight, with all this madness we aren't getting to fight.

The girls continue to beat each other up.

Announcer One: You better lay of guys, you don't want to get in the middle of a cat fight. That's a big No, No.

After a couple of hours. The girls are tired and stopped fighting. Safire and Tuxedo having nothing to do has been sitting around eating potato chips.

Announcer One: Well we'll just call this match special and delclare Saifre and Tuxedo Mask in a tie. {That should make everyone happy}he said under his breath.

All the girls realized that they have just wasted all their time.

Tuxedo and Saifre: {Eating potato chips} hey look on the bright side, at least we won't run out of dates!

Girls: We've had enough of both of you. We can't believe we just wasted all that time over nothing! And look at you sitting there looking all pathetic with your stupid potato chips, hmph, we're leaving.
The girls all pile out of the stadium.

Tuxedo and Safire: Wait, girls wait...can I have your phone number....?

The girls shout "Drope dead!"

Tuxedo and Safire: What just happened here? I thought they liked us.

Announcer One: Don't think about. Women, you'll never understand em'. Can't live iwth em, can't live without em'

Tuxedo and Safire: You got that right! You guys wanna go out for some dinner?

Announcer One: Yeah sure! Come on Bob, oh no [groan]

Announcer Two: Yeah, I love you to everyone...

Announcer two sleeps while muttering in his sleep.

Announcer One: Let's go. I'll get him tommorow...

The three leave to eat out.

Announcer Two: No, no it's alright...yes I do love you...I love you too....and you...I can't forget you...heh heh...

Lady Jupiter: Guys!!!!! ahg!!!
She rolls her eyes and leaves the stadium.........Oh, tuxedo....


The End