Announcer 1: Welcome ladies and gentlemen! Today in Moon Combat, the lovely pyro, Sailor Mars will be fighting the adorable but dumbwitted Psyduck!

Announcer 2: Yeah, what he said. Man, I didn't get any sleep last night.... sleep... beautiful sleep..... Zzzzzzzz.

Sailor Mars enters the room, and the crowd goes wild. She walks up to Announcer 2, and punches him in the eye.

Sailor Mars: Wake up, you're as bad as Usagi-chan!

Announcer 1: Hahaha! At least she didn't punch me this time!

Sailor Mars glares at Announcer 1.

Sailor Mars: I can arrange for it to happen!

Announcer 1: Uhhh, ummm, let's get on with the fight! Hehehe.

Psyduck enters the ring. Sailor Mars get ready.


Sailor Mars: Maybe an evil charm will work on this thing!

She tosses a charm at Psyduck, who just stands there stupidly, then wiggles its tail at Sailor Mars in an attempt to use Tail Whip.

Sailor Mars: Mars Fire Surround!

Psyduck: Psy?

Announcer 1: Wow! Would you look at that! Sailor Mars has used her Mars Fire Surround! Psyduck's going to be toasted! It's getting close! Oh, wait! Psyduck has just tripped over his giant, webbed feet, and the attack missed. It's heading straight for….AHHHH! It's heading for the announcer's booth! Run!

Announcer 2: Zzzzzz

Announcer 1 runs away. The fire hits Announcer 2, who finally wakes up…and notices that he is on fire. So he starts running in circles, screaming.

Sailor Neptune: Neptune Deep Submerge!

The fire is put out, and the Announcers crawl back to the booth hesitantly.

Announcer 2: Wow! Thanks a bunch, Neptune! Hey! You're hot!

Sailor Neptune tosses her hair back, and shrugs. Sailor Uranus glares at the Announcer.

Announcer 2: Oh, well, ummm…yeah.

Announcer 1: It looks like Sailor Mars is about to attack again! OH! She's just punched Psyduck in the head! This could mean trouble for Sailor Mars!

Sailor Mars: Hah! I know what I'm doing! You shut up, or I'll punch in the head, too!

Psyduck starts running around in circles while holding its head.

Psyduck: Psy-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-i!

Pysduck's eyes turn blue, and Sailor Mars soon finds herself floating in the air.

Sailor Mars: Huh? What the…?

Announcer 1: It looks like Psyduck is using its Psychic attack! No one has ever beaten that attack! Oh! And Sailor Mars is slammed to the ground! Psyduck is the winner!

Misty enters with Brock following behind her.

Misty: Yeah! Psyduck!

Brock sees Sailor Mars and gets all goo-goo eyed.

Brock: Hey, need some help? I'm always willing to help, especially when it's a lovely lady such as yourself!

Mars gets up.

Mars: As if! Why I oughta! In the name of Mars, I will punish you!

Brock: Was it something I said? Uh Oh!

Misty: Brock, run!

Sailor Mars: Mars Fire Ignite!

Brock: Wow! She's not only beautiful, but powerful, too!

Misty grabs Brock and Psyduck and runs. Sailor Mars' attack misses, and hits Announcer 2 again.

Sailor Neptune: *Sigh* Here we go again.


The End.