Announcer 1: Today the mighty, undefeated Lady Jupiter will face …will face… who will she face?!?!

Announcer 2: Doesn't matter who she faces, she's going to win anyways.

Lady T. Jupiter just sits in her recliner and blows on her nails.

Lady T. Jupiter: This is so boring…. No one even has a chance with me. Well as long as we're all here, I would like to announce that I shall now be called Noché pronounced No-shay! I thought it sounded artistic don't you think? But you guys can still call me Lady T. Jupiter or Lady T. for short. This is quite sad, that no one dares take me on. Do I have any challengers?

A voice from a crowd: Bring it on, baby! I'll take you on!!!

Lady T. sighs in annoyance.

Lady T: Here we go again!

A weird short kid jumps from the crowd with a cape and says: Here I am! The one to end your streak!!! Muwaaahahaaaa!! I am CYBERMAN!

Announcer 1: Whoa!!

Announcer 2: Now Cyberman has joined the battle!!

Lady T: [rolls her eyes] Yo, bro! Mom told you that you weren't allowed to use the drapes as your cape anymore!!

Cyberman blushes and takes off his 'cape' and throws it in the corner.

Cyberman: C'mon sis! Let's Go!!!

Lady T: Oh please!

Lady T uses a low thunder power and sends cyberman FLYING!

Cyberman: Awww!!! You hit me!! I'm going to tell mom!! Waaaaaa!!

Lady T: Oh real mature Bro... I can't help it you suck...

Cyberman: No you suck...

Lady T: No you suck...

The two start a huge argument about who sucks more.

Lady T: Fine, let's see your so called "awesome" moves....

Cyberman: You want some of this? Aahhhh... HEAD BUTT.

Lady T: Ooof.. Ouch that hurt! Why you little.. come here!

Cyberman: [While running away] Aahhhhhh... mommy... she's gonna kill me.....

Announcer 1: It seems that Lady T. has caught cyberman in a headlock and is giving him a noogie.

Cyberman: Nooo... Don't mess up my hair... ahhhhh.

Announcer two: Wow, he threw Lady T. off balance and got away.

Lady T: I'm gonna get you

The two continue chasing each other around.

Crowd: Hey if we wanted to see a sibling rivalry we could've been at home!

Lady T: Did you hear that Cyberman?

Cyberman: Let's give them a battle they won't forget! You game?

Lady T: Let's do it! Honorary Sailor Jupiter makeup...

Cyberman: Power up... engage!

Announcer 1: Wow, they have both transformed! Lady T. is in black and pink while Cyberman is in silver and black.

Lady T: Ladies and gentlemen you are about to witness a battle like no other.... the most fierce... the most astounding...full of power and...

Cyberman: Radial Blast....

Announcer 2: Aw, Lady T.'s going to feel that in the morning...

Announcer 1: I think she is feeling it now....

Cyberman: Man, sis, you talk too much... let's just get on with it!

Lady T: Why you little... this is my best uniform... do you know how hard it is to get these burnt marks off? FLOWER HURRICANE....

Cyberman: Please a few flowers are not going to help you sis. FORCE FIELD...

All the flowers bounce off his force field harmlessly.

Lady T: Grrrr... that's a cheap move bro! You can use that to block all my powers... that's cheap...

Cyberman: Not cheap, just smart!

Lady T: Smart, my butt! Come on, I'll challenge you to a real battle... hand to hand combat! (Ina mocking tone) Or is my little brother scared?

Cyberman: Please I'm not afraid of anything!! Bring it!

Announcer 2: It looks like this battle is about to heat up!

Announcer 1: Lady T is charging and oh, delivered a low round house kick sending cyberman flat on the ground. Oh but he's not out yet. He's up and nice upper cut, and oh, another jab at the jaw. Lady T. felt that. Cyberman is in flight and yes, nice handwork with a 5 hit punch combo. Lady T. ain't looking so good. But she's not out. She delivers a high kick followed by a 3 hit combo. Wow, they are really killing themselves out there! Here they go again! And oh, cyberman ducked just in time, that kick would've floored him. Cyberman is attempting a round house kick on Lady T. but she jumped out of the way. They're both on the attack again. Oh a beautiful pair of punches delivered by Cyberman but Lady T. comes right back with a kick. They're both looking at each other now... both intense... ready to pounce... and Lady T's first... no cyberman is up in the air too... it looks


Announcer 2: Oh, and they've bashed into each other in mid flight. They are both definitely out! You can even see the little birdies around their heads... What does that mean? They lose? Both of them?

Announcer 1: Well I don't know. Look they're coming out of it. Hey guys is the battle still on?

Lady T: What battle?

Cyberman: Battle?

Lady T: Weird.... let's go home bro... my head hurts... did you do something...

Cyberman: No, it was probably you...

Lady T: Was not!!!

Announcer 2: They seemed to forgotten about the battle all together! That hit on the head will do that to you, ya' know!

Announcer 1: I guess this battle is void! If neither even remember battling how can we announce a result! Well thanks for joining us ladies and gentlemen! Till next time!

As Fred and Bob leaves….

Announcer 1: Hey, who was originally supposed to battle her??

Announcer 2: Who cares?????

Five minutes later…Sailormoon enters the staduim.

Sailor Moon: I'm here!! Ta da!!! Hey, where did everyone go???

The End.