Ann 1: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another moon combat! Today we are in for a treat! Our special guest speaker today will be Sailor Venus!

Ann 2: Really? oooooo! Yes! She's SUCH a babe! Just like jupiter, and mars, and neptune,and...

Ann 1: O brother! Anyways, welcome aboard Venus!

Venus: Mornin' Bob! Hi Fred! O Fred, do REALLY think i'm a babe?
[Moves chair closer]

Ann 2: Well... um... what i meant was... ahh... you see the thing is... Bob help me out here.

Ann 1: Um, so Venus why did you decide to help us out?

Venus: Well I thought I could practice my humanitarian skills and volunteer my time here today, to help out the community.

Suddenly laughing is heard. When they all turn around in the direction of it, they see Sailor Jupiter coming towards them.

Jupiter: Please, Venus!! You're just BORED out of your mind and since you haven't had a date this century yet, you thought it was a good way to meet guys!

Venus: THAT IS NOT TRUE! I just wanted to help out Bob and Fred...

Jupiter: Whatever and Serena doesn't like hotdogs...

Moon: Hotdogs... where ... I don't see them... SAILOR MOON WANTS HOTDOGS... [Looks to her side] oooo... PRETZELS... excellent!

Ann 1: I guess it's needless to say that Sailor Moon has entered the stadium.

Ann 2: Oh, Look! Here comes her challenger Sailor Neptune now!

Moon: [Finishes stuffing food into her mouth] The moon star is ready! The show can begin.

Mars: You're such a bragger. Quit hogging all the stage!

Moon: Well can you blame me? Did you notice Lady Jupiter put up more battles about me than any other scout! As far as I'm concerned I've earned my bragging rights!

Mars: Yeah Two of those were against me, where I completed toasted you...

Moon: Oh please, if you'll remember

The two begin fighting...

Ann 1: Hey stop it you guys! moon you already had a mooncomabat with fire, remember? Many times infact! You don't want to start a combat with Mars again... please!

Ann 2: [under his breath] Yeah we don't want to hear you whining after you lose!

Moon: I can tell you it was no fun getting toasted by Charmander, Mars and I didn't want my meatballs well done!

Mars: O, be quiet you big baby! Let's settle this now.

On the other side of the stage while moon and mars begin to fight!

Uranus: Just flood the stadium Neptune. They'll keep quiet after that. I don't think I can take their bickering for much longer.

Neptune: Are you sure. It really doesn't seem like such a nice thing to do. (under breath) plus then all my makeup would be wrecked! But it seems to be the only way... If I don't stop them now, the world must be subdued to more of this awful bickering... I am Sailor Neptune and I can't let this injustice to continue!

Uranus: Sheesh... If I had a penny for everytime she went on a speech, I'd been rich!


Mars+Moon: AGGGHHHH!

Mars: Hey, you totally drenched me!

Uranus: Oh be quiet! I'll dry you off! WORLD SHAKING!


Neptune quickly pulls out her mirror and reflects the attack, fortunately for mars, it hits sailor moon and she falls to the ground unceremoniously.

Venus: Mars, uranus! You guys got to stay out of this!

Uranus+Mars: O be quiet!




Ann 2: Ha ha ha... poor poor amateur... she doesn't know the golden rule...

Venus: Golden rule?

Ann 1: Don't piss of any Sailors unless you have a wish to get hurt!

All Sailors: Excuse me???

Ann 1: Uh, oh... It think it's time...

Ann 2: Yup, definitely.... RUN FOR IT!!!

Uranus: Doesn't matter, Neptune wins!

Venus: Hey you're not allowed to declare that! I'm still an announcer. [Looks at Sailor Moon who is out cold on the floor] okay so NEPTUNE is our WINNNER!

Neptune: I knew I could save everyone from this injustice that was... blah blah blah

Uranus: Oh boy, she what you've done... you've got her going now... Oh man and I have to go home with her!

Lady Jupiter: See you next time!

The End.