"The Battle of Good and Evil."
Part 4

Lady Jupiter: This is the story so far....After a battle between Freeza and Beryl turned into a fight for mankind where the cast of Dragon Ball Z and the scouts were agaist Freeza, Beryl and their henchmen. The generals have been healed, the ginyu force beaten. The scouts are weak and so are most of the Dragon Ball Z gang.

Freeza: You take down their leader, you take all of them down.

A large ball of energy rises from Freeza and charges towards Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon sees it but can only stand there in shock as if she was glued to the floor.

Tuxedo Mask: Nooo......

Just before the ball hit Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask appeared before Sailor Moon and took all the force of the blast. Tuxedo's scream pierced the stadium and then he crumbled to the floor, tattered, like an old rag. Sailor Moon fell to the floor beside him and put his head on her lap. She reached for his hand and grasped it with her own, bringing to her cheek and cradling it.

Sailor Moon: Nooo... Tuxedo Mask... are you okay?.... Tuxedo?.... why did you have to do that?....Hold on, oh god please hold on Darien...Please, oh please hold on....why did you do that? Darien....
She said as tears fell uncontrollably down her face.

Tuxedo: *cough* Serena, I'm sorry, *cough* I'm sorry my love, I don' think I can protect you any longer. Please take care of yourself because you were always in my heart and always will be. Take care of our daughter and know you are my only love in life, and in death. Good bye my love.
And with that he closed his eyes and went limp releasing the grip on Sailor Moon's hand.

Sailor Moon: Nooo...... DARIEN......
As her scream pierced through the stadium.

Queen Beryl: You twit, don't you know how to do anything right? Sailor Moon it's your fault Prince Darien is dead. Now you will pay for it.

Sailor Saturn: Reeni, what's happening?

Sailor Uranus: The prince is dead, that means Reeni won't exsist....

Sailor Chibi-Moon: Why am Idissappearing? SAILOR MOON.....help me.... what's happening...

Sailor Moon: Reeni....[She lays down Darien and stands up] Beryl you've taken my one and only love from me, don't think I will let you do the same to everyone else I love. Pluto... do it!

Sailor Pluto: Yes my Queen.

Sailor Mars: Sailor Moon is transforming into Princess Serena. She looks so Regal. Is that why Pluto just called her Queen.

Sailor Mercury: Well she is our future queen.

Sailor Neptune: Thank you Pluto.

Sailor Venus: What's going on?

Announcer 1: Um... I don't know what exactly happened but Pluto and Reeni both disappeared at the same time. Where did they go? What just happened?

Announcer 2: Sure, people think our job is soooo easy huh? Let's see them figure this one out!

Sailor Moon: You have hurt me over and over again... I will not allow this continue any further.

Beryl: Silly moon twit, you think you can defeat me? You may have gotten lucky once but I was not dead... I fooled you and waited I could get stronger. I am back now and I will take everything that is precious to you. You took my love, my kingdom and my followers from me, for that you shall pay.

Announcer 2: Oh... I was wondering what Beryl was doing here anyway... wasn't she supposed to be dead if the outer scouts are here? Don't you love it when everything makes sense!

Announcer 1: Thanks for clue-ing us now Lady Jupiter.

Lady Jupiter: Hey Bob, you want to keep your job? You know you are replaceable. Plus where would the suspense be otherwise!

Sailor Moon: I will banquish you in the name of the moon. MOON HEALING ACTIVATION.

Sailor Moon healing powers engulf Queen Beryl. She screams and as the dust clears we see...

Beryl: Haaaaa [cackle Beryl style] you think you can heal me twit. I am pure evil. I was never a human or good. Silly twit thought she could "heal" me. muwahhh [cackles] Don't you think I don't know how weak you are? After healing my generals and the loss of the Prince you are barely a match for me mentally or physically. I outclass, outwit and out do you in every possible way. So give up while you can and I may go easy on you. You may be a valuable asset to the negaverse.

Sailor Moon: [To herself] I know my feeling isn't wrong. I know she was human at some point. She was good... she must have been. She was! Plan B. [To Beryl] All right... I know that you are more powerful than me, and I cannot defeat you. So I surrender.

All Sailors: Sailor Moon ???

Sailor Moon: I know when I have been defeated. I surrender myself to the Negaverse.

Sailor Jupiter: How can you do this to us?

Sailor Mars: Don't give up... Sailor Moon...

Beryl: This will be my most memorable moment in life. Freeza please make sure that those pesky scouts are .... immobile....I do not want any interferences.

Sailor Uranus: I can't move...

Sailor Venus: Neither can I? What's going on.

Sailro Mercury: Sailor Moon don't do this... we can figure something out.

Sailor Moon: I am sorry my dear friends but I know what I must do... please be well. I love you all.... Goodbye.

All Sailors: Sailor Moon nooooo.....

Sailor Mars: Your our leader, our princess... we need you... please don't....oh god please....

Sailor Moon walks to Beryl and kneels down before her. And bows her head.

Announcer 1: Sailor Moon how could you? How could you? Traitor... You hear me Sailor Moon, you're a traitor...

Bob tries to lunge in the direction of Sailor Moon and Fred has to hold him back.

Announcer 2: There's nothing we can do.... not one thing...

Tears fall as if rivers sprung from under the feet of everyone in the room. Everyone watches motionless as their beloved Sailor Moon, their friend, their hero.... surrenders to the dark forces.

Beryl: Finally victory shall be mine. Give your self to the dark forces Sailor Moon. Dark powers... electrify.

A large ball of dark energy rises out of Queen Beryl. It rises like a large Dragon and dives into Sailor Moon. The force is sooo strong it knocks her over and she lays on the ground screaming wickedly as the dark energy fills her every pore.

Sailor Moon screams as if in pure bliss as the last amount of dark energy enters her body. It allevates her body in a jerking motion and then falls back to the floor. Her chest rises and falls in uneven breaths.

Sailor Moon gets up from her position on the floor.

Everyone gasps as they gaze at the person who was once their savior.

Sailor Saturn: Sailor Moon... [as a final slient tear falls slowly down her cheek].

Sailor Moon: Muwaahhh [cackles like Beryl] Oh how glorious it feels... who knew this could feel so glorious. I can feel the dark energy travelling through my veins and entering every pore.

She throws her head back in rapture. She brings her head back up and opens her eyes for the first time. The dark, black eyes shine through where nothing but hatred could be seen.

Sailor Moon: Haaaa [evil laugh] you sailors thought you saw evil before.... you have never seen evil like you will today. It will be your first and your may I assure you, very last time.

She screams and transforms. Her hair turns bright dark red, her dress silky black to suit her blank, depthless black eyes.

Sailor Moon: Call me the Dark Moon princess... the destroyer of all.

Beryl: You do well... princess. Get rid of these pesky scouts...

Dark Moon: It shall be my honor to rid you of these underlings. I will make sure they meet their end and I will make sure you meet your end as well my Queen. You teach well my Queen... too well ... Muwahhh.

Beryl: What???

Dark Moon: Feel my wrath....Muwahhh.

Dark Moon stretches out her hands and begins sucking all the evil and life force out of Queen Beryl.

Dark Moon: Muwahhh... I am Dark Moon, I will commit wrongs and I will BE the only EVIL, In the name of the Dark Moon I will PUNISH YOU... Muwahhhh....

Sailor Mercury: Sailor Moon...how could this happen to you?

Sailor Jupiter: Sailor Moon.... no, no I won't believe it...

Sailor Mars: This is not happening... Oh god please this is not happening.

Sailor Venus: Nooooo... [Her scream pierced through the air like a chill.]

Queen Beryl lies on the ground, still unmoving as death overcomes and takes control of her. Sailor Moon sits on the ground unmoving. Looking the same as she did before she sits before Beryl unmoving and still as a statue.

Freeza: All right I have had enough of this... now it's time for me to have a little fun.


To Be Contuined.....


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P.S. Like the cliffhanger? Is Sailor Moon really evil? What happened to Beryl. What's up with Sailor Moon now. What are the scouts going to do now? What kind of "fun" will Freeza have? Will anyone be able to help? Where are Pluto and Reeni? Is Darien's dead? Find out, same Moon combat time, same moon combat place.