Announcer 1: Hello and Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Moon Combat! Today
it`ll be between our Champion Sailor Jupiter and the rock pokemon Onyx!

Announcer 2: Onyx and it`s trainer Brock are already in the ring... let's hope this time Brock can actually battle with Onyx and not have to hospitalized again like last time, when Sailor Jupiter and Brock fought!

Announcer 1: Hey Sailor Jupiter is HOT okay, can you blame the guy?

Announcer 2: Where is Brock anyway? Wait that him?

Ash and Misty walk into the stadium carrying a burlap bag. They drop it on stage.

Announcer 1: okay, I know I'm not good at Biology but Burlap bags aren't supposed to move.... Are those air holes???

Announcer 2: What... aahhhh.... legs are coming out of the bag.... aaahhhhh.... it's the apocalypse.... run hide.... ahhhhhh.

[Slap] Bob slaps Fred on the head.

Announcer 1: Chill, it's Brock!!!

Announcer 2: Thanks... I needed that! What's up with the bag Brock.

Brock facing his back to the annoucers start speaking.

Brock: Well you see at the last battle...

Lady Jupiter: Pssst... Brock honey, your talking to a wall. Turn around.... a little more... a bit more... there we go. Now don't move!

Brock: Well as I was saying at the last battle... I was so dazzled by Jupiter's beauty that I forgot everything and ended up being hospitalized. This way I don't have to see her and I can win. Ah, you see!!! Me use brain....

Announcer 1: He has one?

Brock: Hey I heard that!

Announcer 2: Here comes Sailor Jupiter!!!

Loud cheering from the spectators. Jupiter walks by the announcer's booth.

Sailor Jupiter: Hello Boys....

Bob & Fred: Hi....

They start drooling as she walks away.

Announcer 1: And the battle is on!

Sailor Jupiter: Little boy, you think you can win? Think again! I am Sailor Jupiter... the scout of Thunder and lighting and I'll electrify.

Jupiter revs up and cries "Jupiter Thunder Dragon!!" It speeds twords Onyx.

Announcer 2: Jupiter makes the first move! Oh! And it`s a beautiful Thunder
Dragon.. Wait! What`s this? Onyx isn`t affected at all!!

Brock grins, although unable to see Jupiter he guesses what has happened.
Brock: You think just because you're gorgeous you can win. Ha ha, Plus thunder and Lightning won`t hurt Onyx! Onyx! Bind attack NOW!

Announcer 1: Oh NOOOOO! Onyx`s got Jupiter in a deathlock! What will she do?!

Sailor Jupiter: Arrrrgggghh!!! I've had enough of this. You think I don't know your game Brock, think again! Jupiter Oak Evolution!!

Announcer 1: But wait! What`s this?! Onyx is in great pain!!!

Announcer 2: It`s weak against Plant moves!! Onyx is losing!! Isn't Jupiter great? Wow, beauty and brains.... [looks at Jupiter and sighs]

Sailor Jupiter: Yeah!!! Now to finish you off... Jupiter Flower Hurricane.

Onyx: Roooorrrr.....

Annoucer 2: Onyx is down! Jupiter wins!!

Loud cheeres can be heard. As Brock is forced to retrive Onyx they see
each other for the first time at this battle...

Brock: Woooowwww... She`s sooooo beautiful... I can't help it.... I think she's gotten more beautiful than when I last saw her.

Sailor Jupiter: He`s sooo hunky... He kinda looks like my old boyfriend!!!

Announcer 1: HEY!! Jupiter`s mine!! You stay away from her you creep..!!!

Announcer 2 (while restraining Announcer 1) : Well it seems although Jupiter won this battle, Brock is the real winner because it looks like they are going out to lunch...

Announcer 1: I`LL KILL HIM!!!!

Announcer 2: That`s all for today.... (Owch!) Watch it man... see you next time at moon combat!

The End.