An.1:And here at moon combat today we have the elengent Sailor Neptune battleing the powerful Sailor Saturn! This should be interesting.

An.2: Yeah (drool) Sailor Neptune is soooooooo pretty and soooooooo ....(slobber,drool)

An.1: AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Somebody help me! I'm drrowning!

An.2: Haha. very funny. Oh here come they come! Wow they're soooo....

An.1: Chill out man... Sailor Neptune's not your "type".... trust me!

Sailor Neptune enters with Sailor uranus following her and Sailor Saturn comes with Sailor Pluto following her. In the stands all the inner scouts are cheering them on.

Sailor Neptune: Grrrrrrrrrrrrr, whoever set this up is going to get it. But if it's battle I will not back down. Sailor Neptune is not a coward.

Sailor Saturn: Let's play michiru mama!

An.1: And let the moon combat begin! DooNg!

S. Neptune: Deep Submerge!

S. Saturn: Silence wall!

An.2: The water bounces off saturn's wall and heads straight fo Sailor Neptune!
Oh, she dodges it but still gets hit slightly in the arm. And the rest of the water has pretty much sprayed all over the stadium!

An.1:(he's soaking wet) This battle is very wet.

S. Saturn: Death Ribbon Revoloution!

S. Neptune: Deep Aqua Mirror!

An.1: Whoa! Be careful folks, the two scouts are reflecting attacks back and
forth between them! I wonder who will win.

S. Neptune: Can't hold on.........must not lose........ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! AQUA MIRROR SUBMERGE...

An.2: Wow, what was that? Sailor Neptune somehow combined her two attacks into one and it's headed straight for Saturn. Saturn seems to be in shock because she isn't doing anything! Oh no, she's been hit and Sailor Saturn has fainted! The winner is Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune rushes over to Saturn. She picks up her head and places it on her lap.
S. Saturn: Michiru mama! Are you okay?!?

S. Neptune: Yes, I'm fine honey, how are you? Are you okay?

S. Saturn: I'm fine... nothing some cherry pie won't fix...

S. Uranus: Well I think we better get some then huh?

S. Pluto: I think so too. Come on Hotaru let's go home.

S. Moon: Hey guys.... can I have some pie too?????

The End