Fred: Welcome to another superb, stunning, wonderful........

Bob: Moon Combat...We get the picture so SHUT UP!! Any way this battle may be the weirdest one of all, because Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon are going to fight!

Fred: That's right Bob and I've got $35 on Chibi Moon so you better get the dough out right now to save time.

Bob: (To him self) Oh no, he is going to win my money... Hey I got an idea!!!
He smiles to himself.

Fred: Bob what's so funny?

Bob: Nothing Fred! I think I'm going to get something to drink! You can broadcast now. I'll be back in a flash!

Fred: Can you get something for me too I think I need some for a victory drink. HEH HEH HEH. *Fred looks out at the stadium and begins broadcasting.* Sailor Moon is here so let the battle begin!

Chibi Moon: I would like to go home!! Beating Sailor Moon is just too easy and a waste of my valuable time... I have people to see and things to do. I need to train.... hmph!
She filps her hair over shoulders in a non-chalant way.

Sailor Moon: Why you little spore... You dare speak of the future Queen that way? Why I oughta....

Chibi Moon: Oh no I'm scared! Well let's go then, prepare to lose then! Take this! PINK SUGAR ATTACK GO!!!!!!

Sailor Moon: You little brat! OWWWWWWW THAT HURT!!!

Sailor Moon: Cosmic Moon Power!!!

Chibi Moon: OWWWWW!!!!

This continues for about 15 minutes. They both blast each other with attacks as neither of them wants to admit defeat.

Fred: this is the longest battle ever!!

Under the stadium....
Bob: I'll just glue Chibi's feet down so she can't move! I must be the smartest man in the world! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bob begins sawing a hole in the stadium and pokes a hole for the glue to go through. He squeezes the glue through and runs back where Fred is with 2 drinks and throws the glue to the side!

Fred: Thanks Bo.............What the heck!!!!!! *Fred jumps up to see Chibi Moon Standing there
getting beaten!*

Chibi Moon: What!? Why can't I move! OWWW!! My feet can't move!!! OWWWW!!

Sailor Moon: Ha Ha !! One more move and she's Toast! Moon Tiara Magic!!!

Chibi Moon: AHHHAHHHAHH!!!!!

Just at the right moment, our super hero Tuxedo Mask appears and saves Chibi-Moon. He lifts her out of her boots and flys into the air.

Chibi-Moon: Huh? Tuxedo Mask you saved me!!!

Tuxedo Mask: I had to I didn't want my tiny Reenie to be split in half!

Sailor Moon: (to herself) She took him away from me again, he should have rescued me!! She's
going to pay!!!! She thinks she's won, I've got another trick up my sleeve. MOON TIARA MAGIC!!!!!!!!!

Tuxedo Mask: What the.....!!!

The tiara was so well aimed that it hit Chibi Moon who was still in Tuxedo Mask's arm. Chibi Moon fell and got the wind knocked out of her!!

Bob: And Sailor Moon Wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fred: (Shouting up at the sky) WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO YOU!!! I JUST WANTED TO WIN SOME MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob: New watch, here I come!!!!

Fred: Well anyway *sniff* Sailor Moon wins *sob* by a greatly aimed attack at Chibi... Wahhhhhh!

Sailor Moon walks over to where Chibi-Moon lays on the ground with Tuxedo tending to her.
Sailor Moon: Told you not to mess with me!!!! Tuxedo Mask.... tsk tsk tsk, I must say I am very dissapointed in you. What are you trying to teach our child? That cowardice is a virtue and that she should be allowed to turn away from a battle? Our future selves are counting on us to train her, and that's what I was doing.... atleast until a certain busybody decided to take it upon himself to INTERUPT by directly taking her out of a battle. What are you trying to tell her Darien? That when she grows up her father will just show up and get her out of evey mess? What is she going to do when some nega-trash tries to conquer crystal tokyo again?

Tuxedo Mask: But, but I just... I just tried to help...

Sailor Moon: Help Darien? Help? You wanted to help our daughter so she can someday get wasted by some nega trash? Well I care about her future... *She picks up Reenie* Come on we'll go home and your Ikuku-Mommy will make us some pie. How about it!

Chibi-Moon: YAY! PIE! Thank you Sailor Moon. I can't believe you Darien... *sniff* and I thought you cared about me..... Let's go Sailor Moon...

Sailor Moon Walks out with Chibi Moon in her arms and Tuxedo Mask chasing after them.

Tuxedo Mask: What? I do care Reenie, come back here.... I was just trying to help... how did I end up being the bad guy here? Girls....

Sailor Moon: (turns around and gives him the "evil eyes") What did you call us?

Tuxedo Mask: I mean

Sailor Moon &Chibi: hmph....

Chibi-Moon: How do you put up with him?

Sailor Moon: I really don't know.... *sigh*

Tuxedo Mask: Put up with me? What's that supposed to mean? I'm the one who has to put up with you two and you incessant bickering and fighting.... guys.... come on!!!!...... Women.....Oy! I'll never understand them!


The End