Announcer 1: Here we are once again fans for another battle of Moon

Announcer 2: This one must be the strangest one yet!

Announcer 1: Sailor Venus vs. Sailor V. I'm
placing $50 dollars on Venus

Announcer 2: Yeah the one who keeps losing most of the time? Suit yourself. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!

Sailor Venus: Your going down! This time I'll give it a 110%.

Sailor V: I'm going down! HA HA! I was the first scout EVER! I have
powers you cant imagine!

Sailor Venus: Bring it on!!

Sailor V: Fine! Runs straight towards Sailor Venus and does karate kick
right in her face.

Announcer 2: Venus is Down! 1..2..3.. She's up!

Sailor Venus: That all you got!? Karate kicks! Ha! You'll have to do
better than that! Venus Crescent Beam....Smash!

Announcer 1: Sailor V is hit,looks bad. Oh my.. She's
up, will this battle ever end??

Sailor Venus: *shocked* Haven't had enough huh? Well, Venus Love me

Announcer 2: Oh, and Sailor V is down again.

Announcer 1: Oh but she's not out. She has gotten up and....oh gives amighty blow to Sailor Venus...who is cluthicng her ankle....

Sailor Venus: broke my your really going to pay....

Sailor V: Now, I'll finish you off.....

Announcer 1: Oh my god, and Sailor V has taken out her gun, like the cute one in the game but now it's not cute naymore....ahhhhhh.

Lady Jupiter: I'm sorry Sailor V but you can't use that weapon.

Sailor V: Are you censoring me?

Lady Jupiter: Sorry..... no guns!

Sailor V: Oh come on, it's just a little ity bity ray gun....

Lady Jupiter: What part of no did you not understand?

Sailor V: But that's not's the only weapon I was given....hey how about my dagger?

Lady Jupiter: No....Daggers!

Sailor V: What? Great.......

Sailor Venus: You ruined my feel my wrath....Venus SHALOM.

Sailor V: What?!@!

Announcer 1: Oh and Sailor V never saw it coming. She didn't have to act and now is toasted!

A little smoke bubble escapes from Sailor V's mouth.

Sailor Venus: *I win I win* I actually won! See See Lady Jupiter! I can
kick ass too if I want!

Lady Jupiter: You really care that much about your shoes?

Sailor Venus: Don't knock the shoes.....

Sailor Venus walks out of the stadium proudly holding a shoe in each hand.

Announcer 2: You owe me $50! Ha!HA!

Announcer 1: I ....lost? This can't be....... You want to call it a truce Fred?

Announcer 2: No, I don't think so! I'm always the one losing...this is the first time I won...yeah

Announcer 1: But I don't have $50. I thought I would win and get some money for lunch.......


The End