"The Battle of Good and Evil."
Part 3

Lady Jupiter: The story so far.... Queen Beryl and Freeza were in a moon combat when they decided to join forces and conquer the scouts and the cast of Dragon Ball Z. Frezza sent out her hencemen the Ginyu force with a joint effort of the scouts they were defeated by transforming into ULTRA scouts. But now most of the scouts have been maxed out so thier help will be very little.

Announcer 1: Wow, look at that Gohan has just volunteered to fight against the 4 generals. They can be tough opponents but so are our four fighters against them today.

Announcer 2: That's right. It seems Tuxedo Mask, Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin will be taking the four generals on!

Zoycite: I'll take Tuxedo Mask. I defeated him once, I can do it again! Cape boy your gonna pay......

Tuxedo Mask: I doubt that very much Zoycite! [Huddles with the guys] Okay guys, Gohan you take on the blonde one his name is Jadeite, Krillin you get the guy with the long hair, that's Nephlite and Vegeta you take on Malachite. He's the strongest of all 4 so your really going to have to do your best!

Vegeta: Oh please, I am the Saiyan Prince. I can defeat anyone.....maybe except him...[points to Freeza] but I will when I become a super saiyan and then rule the Universe.

Krillin: Yeah, that's nice Vegeta but we have bigger issues to deal with, ones that are bigger than your ego.

Vegeta: Say what? Baldie, I could send you to the moon and back with one blast!

Tuxedo Mask: Is he always like this?

Gohan: Pretty much Mr. Tuxedo Mask

Tuxedo Mask: What did you call me? Geez what a way to make a guy feel old!

Sailor Moon: Don't worry Tuxedo I still love you.....

Sailor Mars: Can't you keep your big mouth shut Sailor Moon?

Tuxedo Mask: Um....yeah anyway...

Jadeite: You shall all perish. Especially you Sailor Moon. Oh, the secrets I know! It was because of you I was punished and for that you will be punished. Muwahhhhh.

Tuxedo Mask: What are you talking about Jadeite?

Jadeite: I know the secret identity of Sailor Moon.

Tux: *yawn* Is that all? We knew that awhile ago. Old news. Geez where have you been?

Jadeite: What? Oh, man. Geez your dead for a while and look what happens. Well....well....your all going to perish anyway! Ha Ha Ha, take that!

Gohan: Ka-mae-ah Mae-ah.

Announcer 2: Alright moondusted....or in this case dragon ball z dusted. heh heh heh!

Announcer 1: Well he's not exactly moon dusted but he seems to be stunned and has fallen to the ground. And is now lying there unconcious!

Sailor Moon: [thinks to herself] Why are the four generals fighting Tuxedo Mask? They were Prince Darien's Generals....until they were tricked and fell under the power of the negaverse. Don't they remember their pasts? There's has to be something I can do.....

Tuxedo Mask: [In his head] I hear your thoughts, Sailor Moon. We've got to change them back.

Sailor Moon: [In her head] Tux, would you stop that telepathic...I'm going to read sailor moon's mind thing?

Tuxedo Mask: [In mind] Nope! He he he.

Malachite: Feel the power of the negaverse! Muwahhhh.
He creates a large white ball of energy between his hands. He launches and hits Gohan. Gohan is hurt badly and now lies on the ground un-moving.

S.S. Goku: Gohan....

Krillin: Gohan, noo.... You creeps are going to pay for that. DISTRUCTO DISK.
A large disk is created on his hand and he launches it at the direction of the generals. His aim is off and he only manages to slice of a piece of Malachite's cape.

Malachite: Fool, your rage has blinded and you couldn't even get your attack close to me. Zoycite take care of him.

Tuxedo Mask: I don't think she will be doing that! Zoycite, did you think I forgot about the Ice crystal? I will get you for that! Krillin if you please....


The Distructo Disk just misses and just manages to chop off 3/4 of Zoycite's hair.

Zoycite: You little punk....my hair... all my glorious hair ....take this... Zoy... *She aims her fingers at Krilin and large flower petal type objects fly out and surround Krilin.* Now to finsih you off. *She motions with her eyes and an ice crystal charges full speed toward Krilin.

Tuxedo: Nooo... Krilin watch out, look behind you!
He looks but it is too late and the ice crystal tears through him and he lands on the floor. Goku runs over to where Krillin lies along with Gohan and begins tending to them.

Vegeta: You puny weaklings. You can't do anything right. I'll take care of all these punks. As the prince of Saiyans, I will conquer you and become a SUPER SAIYAN.... Muwahhhh. Take this Ahhhhhhh.
Vegeta begins powering up. In the meantime Jadeite gets up.

Jadeite: You don't think you could get rid of me so easily did you...*he staggers to his feet* I will make all of you pay for this.

Nephlite: I will help you.

Zoycite As shall I and Malachite.

The Four generals stand in a square and holding hands come together to begin combining their powers and creating a large ball of energy inbetween them. The Four generals are n'sync with each other and begin to glow as the amount of dark energy they create gets larger and larger. At this point Vegeta finishes powering up.

Vegeta: Ha Ha ha, come and get me! *He looks over to the four generals* Good you are all in the same place. Easier for me to get rid of you all. Muwahhhh. * He throws a large ball of energy at the four generals, but it merely bounces off them and explodes in the air above them.* What? That should've sent them to the other dimension! *He launches at them with kicks and punches* What is this? I feel like I'm fighting a brick wall. This can't be! I'm the most powerful saiyan...No Ahhhh.*He charges with full speed only to be bounced off the energy around the generals and fly across the room.*

S.S. Goku: I'm going in.

Sailor Moon: No, we need your help to defeat Queen Beryl not to mention Freeza. You have to save your strength.

S.S. Goku: I will not sit around and watch the people I care about most get hurt. Now let me go!

In the meantime the four generals are finished creating a vortex of dark energy. Like a black hole it begins to a steady sucking motion.

Tuxedo: Noo.... this vortex will suck everything in the stadium....

Announcer 2: Come again? So what your saying is this black vortex will suck us all in where we will meet our inevitable doom?..... *He picks up his suitcase from under his desk and begins leaving the press booth.* Bye Fred, I think I'm going to take my vacation early this year.

Announcer 1: Come back here...
Fred pounces on Bob and lands on him. He sits on Bob so he can't go anywhere.

Announcer 2: Oh, Fred, come on man!!!

Chairs and Tables and other objects begin flying in the room and begin sucked in to the vortex.

Tuxedo: STOP THIS NOW..... *Tuxedo Maks floats in the air. He closes his eye and int he blink of an eye transforms into Prince Darien. He begins to glow a midnight blue and floats back down to the floor.* Jadeite, Nephlite, Zoycite, Malachite.... listen to me and listen well... I am your master... Prince Darien.... here my command and stop this madness.... NOW!

The Four generals seem to snap at the same time.... they let go of each other's hand and startled look about themself as the vortex dissipates into the air.

Malachite: I remember something....but it's so vague... Prince Darien? Do I know this name?

Nephilte: I'm so confused... what's happening to us?

Jadeite: Prince Darien.... why does that name sound so familiar...

Sailor Moon: You are all remembering....let me help you out.... MOON HEALING ACTIVATION....

The Four generals are engulfed by the bright power of the moon. They scream and fall to the ground in clothes similar to Prince Darien's.

Sailor Jupiter: They've been healed!

Beryl: What? You Moon twit! You have turned my four best generals against me? You shall pay dearly for this! Sailor Moon get ready to meet your end... I have enough of your meddling in my business..... prepare to bow to your Queen....

Sailor Moon: Never Beryl..... Bring it on!


To Be Contuined.....


P.S. Okay I'm like sooooo sorry. This story gave me such writer's block, it's not even funny. I was stuck on this story for so so so long so I'm just glad it's done! Phew! I just didn't know what I wanted to do, you know? Well I hope you guys liked what I decided to do in the end anyhow! Let me know your thoughts!