Announcer 1: Well! Time for another Moon combat!! Right?

Announcer 2: Correct! Who's it between?

Announcer 1: I know...but the opponents don't though......

Announcer 2: WHO?!

Bob waves an envelope in front of Fred's face. Fred grabs for it and they both go tumbling down, kicking over coffee and knocking over papers everywhere.

Announcer 1: Now look what you've done!!

Announcer 2: ME? It was you!!

Announcer 1: Was not!

Suddenly Fred remembers the envelope. He opens it and gasps!

Announcer 2: Oh no... not HER!! not HERE!! Quick! Where are my earmuffs?

Announcer 1: On me.

Announcer 2: Give it!

Announcer 1: NO way, they're mine now!!

Announcer 2: No way!

The two go on fighting, spilling more coffee and knocking over many papers, when Sailor Moon walks into the office.

Sailor Moon: Ok you two! Shut up and get back to your jobs or your fired!!!

The two scramble up,fix thier hair and sit down.

Announcer 2: For your information Sailor Moon you don't decide that.  Lady Jupiter does.

Fred's Cell phone rings and he answers it!

Lady Jupiter: Both of you get your acts together or else you're fired!

Announcer 2: Yes ma'am.

Sailor Moon: See?

Announcer 1: Anyway, the opponents are here. Well, one which is Prince Diamond seems to be

Prince Diamond: Who Am I fighting?

By now, Sailor Moon has left the booth and in order to get back to her seat
has to walk across the stage.

Prince Diamond Nearly faints(thinking she's his opponent)

Prince Diamond: Not again!! I can't fight the one I love....

He watches her and sees her sit down to watch the moon combat and then feels relieved and kind of foolish for thinking that he would be facing Sailor Moon again. Suddenly an obnoxious laughter is heard. Emerald appears in the stadium. She sees Prince Diamond and winks at him.

Emerald: Oh honey, what are you doing here? You should really go sit down so I can see my opponent...

Prince Diamond: opp-pponent? *gulp* I uh, er um, I

Announcer 1: Emerald, what he means to say is that he IS your opponent..

Emerald: What?  Who thought of that bright idea?  You two better fix it.....Don't make me come up there!!

Bob cowers behind the counter. Fred hides too.

Announcer 2: I told you this wasn't a good idea!!

Announcer 1: Ok, maybe I shouldn't have had Emerald vs. Diamond

Announcer 2: Shhh! But it's to late. The damage is done.

Emerald hears their conversaiton.

Emerald: WHAT!?!! You set this up your self human!!

Emerald goes after the two announcers. Bob desparately tries to dodge Emerald's blows but to no avail.

Sailor Moon: You leave him alone!  I am Sailor Moon champion of justice.  I will right wrongs and triump over evil especially those with such bad taste in clothes. You have no righ tot beat him up!  He's just doing his job, now you can either mope about it or deal with it!

Sailor Venus: Yeah when life gives you lemons.....make lemondade.

Emerald: Bequiet, twit. [and throws some dark energy in her direction which Venus dodges without much effort.] Come on Moon brat! I'm going to take you out for interferring with me again!

Announcer 2: And we have a new Moon Combat! We have Emerald and that lovely Sailor Moon

Emerald: Ok Sailor Twit! Say Good Night.

Sailor Moon: All right. Moon Black.. Out!! Suddenly the stadium goes dark and the stadium's thrown into compleat darkness.

Lady Jupiter: Anybody got a pocket flashlight??

Sailor Moon meanwhile creeps quietly around behind Emerald. Unfortuantely Emerald hears her. Emerald, spins around and blasts Sailor Moon who flys across the floor and hit's the far wall.  and the stadium returns to its normal state. Meanwhile Prince Diamond is standing open mouthed at the harsh treatment of which his beloved has recieved.

Prince Diamond: Now wait a minute Emerald.  Sailor Moon is mine!  YOu know my orders, she is not to be harmed.

Emerald: But Prince  can't you see your being blinded by her?  she's the enemy, if you don't I will get rid of her....
Sailor moon staggers to her feet. By now the other scouts have realized this is more than a regular Moon Combat! It's Revenge!!!

The announcers cower behind computers and desks....

Sailor Mars: Hey! What do you think your doing??

Emerald: I'm paying back a certain queen for stealing my Diamond's heart. He's made him blind, now the only thing he her.

Prince Diamond: (to himself) Emerald is such a fool...she will pay for her stupidity. Her arrogance will bring her end....[to Emerald] Emerald, darling come here... I have something for you...

Emerald: Yes my love? Anything for you...

Diamond: Here is some dark energy.  Use it to your advantage but be warned it is very powerful and has the capability to not used properly.....

Emerald: Give it, give it to me.  I can do it! Ahhhhh! [She is infused with the dark energy] So Sailor moon. You think you can take me now? Dark Energy electrify...

Sailor Moon Dodges the attack but something is happening to Emerald.

Emerald: What....Noooo, this can't be....I can't control....Ahhhhhhhhh *Poof*

Announcer 2: Holy cow, Emerald has been turned to a viscious beast with bad breath. Ahhhhh. Sailor Moon do something!

Sailor Moon: Scouts, you weaken her so I can heal her.

Sailor Jupiter: I can do it.  Jupiter SUPREME Thunder DRAGON....

Announcer 1: Oh, and Jupiter has electrified the beast.

Sailor Moon: Moon Healing Activation.

Emerald: Ahhhhh.....[transforms to her normal self...before she was induced with dark energy] I feel so fresh and free, thank you Sailor Moon.

Prince Diamond: Sailor Moon although my love for you is deep you had no right to heal her.  She was to be destroyed.

Sailor Moon: How can you say that?  She loves you for crying out loud.

Prince Diamond: That does not matter to me, my love is one and one only, and that's you Sailor Moon.

Emerald: You love her? Her? No....No... this can't be......Ahhhhh

Emerald fuses with dark energy once again blinded by her jealously of Sailor Moon.

Announcer 1: All this Jealously over Sailor Moon and rage that she has transformed her into the evil Emerald that we can't stand so much.

Sailor Moon: Oh man, I thought I had it that time. I know.  Scouts aim it at Prince Diamond...

Sailor Mercury: Mercury Ice bubbles freeze....

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter thunder clap zap...

Sailor Mars: Mars Celestial fire surround

Sailor Venus: Venus crescent beam smash...

Announcer 2: Whoa!  Price Diamond has just taken a beating from the scouts.  First Mercury froze him and then Jupiter Thunder clap mixed with Mars fire and Venus's beam created a powerful attack, completely knocking him out!

Sailor Moon: Moon healing activation....

Announcer 2: Wow, and Prince Diamond has been healed.  This is wonderful... hey where has Emerald gone?

Everyone looks around to see no Emerald in sight.

Sailor Moon: Wow, I wonder where she went

Announcer 1: Well, I don't know. Emerald wins or Diamond wins then who loses?

Announcer 2: Well both Emerald and Diamond was healed but then Emerald turned evil again so...

Announcer 1: Let's make Sailor Moon our winner!

Announcer 2: Okay, yeah and Sailor Moon is our honorary Moon combat winner!!!  She wasn't supposed to but she fought and righted wrongs and triumped over evil! YAH!

Diamond is  happy about his new found happiness and wanting to thank Sailor Moon literally comes running in an attempt to hug Sailor Moon but stops dead with the look Tuxedo MAsk was giving him. Instead he slowly walks toward her.  Watching Tux all the time, holds out his hand and thanks her. She says "Thank You".

Announcer 1: Well, that's the end of this wild and crazy moon combat....Remember... NEXT time I'll think about the moon combat before I set it up...

Announcer 2: Good. But hey where is Diamond gonna go?

Prince Diamond: Can I bunk with you guys until I get a place of my own? Please?????

Bob & Fred: No way....

Sailor Moon gives them an evil look.

Bob: Um....yeah sure why not!  There's always room...heh heh

Fred: Oh mna, but I don't wanna share....

Sailor Moon: Fred.....

Fred: Yeah yeah yeah okay let's go.

Bob: See you next time folks on Moon combat!

The End


P.S. The attack Moon Black out was made up attack to enhance the story!