Announcer 1: Hello all you viewers! It's time for Moon Combat!

Announcer 1: Today's Moon Combat is between Lita.....

Lady Jupiter: YAY!

Announcer 1: ...and her old boyfriend Freddie!

Lady Jupiter: BOO!

Announcer 2: As usual, LET'S GET IT ON!

Lita: Freddie, I'm going to get you back for all the pain and suffering you've caused me......I'm going to get my revenge......You played with my heart and my feeling and now your going to pay....

Announcer 2: Wow! Lita picked up Freddie over her head and threw him down to the ground. That sure knocked the tar out of Freddie! He doesn't seem to be getting up, but someone is running on to the stage

Emily: Freddie are you okay? Speak to me. Freddie?

Lita: And who might you be?

Emily: Hi, I'm Freddie's girlfriend, Emily. Who are you?

Lita: What? Your his girlfriend!!!! So this is is the chump you dumped me for Freddie. Ahhhhhhhh

Announcer 2: Whoa, Lita is pissed! Freddie is slowly getting up.  Oh, he's in for it!  Let's see what Lita has in store for him.

Freddie: Oh Emily, I'm sooo glad your here! you have to protect me from her! She's my ex-girlfriend and now she's after me because I dumped her for you.

Announcer 1: Lita is about to charge into Freddie like a mad bull.

Freddie: Ahhhh some one save me! Emily......

Emily: You broke up with her, because of me?  When we started going out you said I was your first girlfriend, you said I was speical....Now I find out this girl was your girlfreind?

Someone from the crowd walks onto the stadium.

Jenna: What's this Freddie who are these other two girls?

Freddie: Jenna?  Oh Jenna, what are you doing here?

Lita: Oh Freddie, all I wanted was to be your special girl until you dumped me. Why? To go for her...that girl....[pointing to Emily].

Jenna: No, not for her, for me.  I'm his girlfriend Jenna.

Emily & Lita: What??????

Emily: No, I'm his girlfriend....

Jenna: Sorry, honey but he's mine....

Lita: He was mine first ladies so.....

The three girls start bickering....he's mine he's mine...heloo, he;s mine....what...oh no you don't....say what....

Lita: Wait a minute do you what this means? We're fighting over Freddie when he's the jerk who dumped me, lied to you Emily and two-time you Jenna.

The three girls turn around and look at Freedy with malicious eyes.

Freddie: Oh man, I'm toast.

Lita: Let's get him.......

The three girls charge Freddie.  Jenna holds his hands while Emily hold his feet while Lita punches him in the stomach.  They beat up Freddie majorly.

Emily: So have you learned your lesson Freddie?

Freddie: Yes, next time try harder so your girlfriends don't find out about the other three.

Jenna: What???? Alright Lita, let em' have it!

Lita punches him firmly and Freddie faints.

Emily: Nice work girls.

Announcer 1: And Lita wins the Moon combat!

Lita: Oh yeah!  Take that Freddie!

Emily: She wins the moon combat but what do me and Jenna win?  We are ill-treated by Freddie too.  What do we get?

Announcer 2: Well you two have know.... Jenna and Emily have won both won a free dinner at Chez McDonalds.  Me and Bob will personally escort you two enjoy a night of fine fast food dining and afterwards a stroll through the park across the street!!!!!

Announcer 1: [quietly to Fred] That will never work.  Don't you think they'll see right through your scheme to get a date....

Emily & Jenna: YAY! Let's go!

Announcer 1: I don't believe it!  It worked.... So girls how do you like your fries? Large or super sized?

Jenna: I like the Super sized fries please ....

Announcer 2: Well that's all for moon comat today...All is well it ends well....Lita got her revenge and we got dates!!!  Let's go girls....

Bob and Fred link their arms with Jenna and Emily and leave the stadium talking about the New Mcdonald's Dino-sized Fries!

The End


P.S. The names Emily and Jenna were chosen randomly and is not a potrayal of any known person or character.  If it does happen to resemble anyone it is purely coincidental.