Announcer One: Well folks welcome to another day of moon combat!

Announcer Two: that's right today we have the supposedly the most powerful Sailor Scout, Sailor Saturn fighting against the most powerful pokemon Mewtwo!

Mewtwo: So where is this warrior?

Sailor Saturn: I'm right here!! Ready to battle?

Mewtwo: I am, for none in this universe holds more power than me.

Sailor Saturn: Silent Wall!!!!!!!

Mewtwo: Super Psy

Announcer One: Wow!!!! Mewtwo tried to use Super Psy but it was easily destroyed on Sailor Saturn's Sheild!!!!!!

Sailor Saturn: Death Reborn Evolution!!!!

Mewtwo: Barrier

Announcer One: Mewtwo didn't expect that!!! He would have been blown by the attck but he stopped it with his Barrier Attack.

Mewtwo: It would seem we are equally matched....

Sailor Saturn: It seems so but I have something, you don't.....Death Reborn Evolution

Mewtwo blocks the attack with Barrier in the mean time Saturn goes behind him and agains throws the same attack but this time Mewtow doesn't have enough time to create his barrier attack.

Sailor Saturn: Now before he can recover, Silent Glaive Surprise....... And Again Slinet Glaive Suprise!!!!!!!!!

Announcer Two: Wow!!!!!!!! Mewtwo fainted on the spot!!!!!!! Sailor Saturn is the winner!!!!!

Sailor Saturn: yea!!!!!!! I won, I won, I won!!!!!!!!!!!

The other outer scouts rushed up cheering

Sailor Chibi-Moon: Wooooooow!!!!!!! I wish I could win a Moon Combat!!!!!!!!!

Sailor Saturn: it's all in the strategy!!!!  Hey let's go get some victory ice cream!!!!!

Sailor Chibi-Moon: I'm there!!!!!!!

Sailor Saturn: Let's go... I want some rocky road...with some chocolate chips...and....

The Outer scouts, Chibi leave for ice cream as the Saturn and chibi eagerly describe the different types of ice cream they would like to have.

...some almonds...don't forget the about some vanilla shortcake too...better yet strawberry cheesecake...yeah and....we have to get some....and some of those.... yummy....

Announcer 1: So ends another moon combat! See you next time folks!

Sailor Moon: Hey, wait for meeeee! I want some tooooo!!!!!!!


The End