"The Battle of Good and Evil."
Part 2

Announcer 1: Well for those folks who have just joined us....The story so far....... Queen Beryl and Freeza began a moon combat only deciding to join forces against the Sailor Scouts and the members of *Dragon Ball Z. This will be a heated battle where no mercy will be shown.

Announcer 2: We're gonna die! [Starts whipering]

Announcer 1: Would you chill out, we've got Sailor Moon on our side!

Announcer 2: Yeah, the clumsy, airhead who's always late is going to save us. Oh yeah having our fate sealed in her hands makes me feel much safer!

Announcer 1: Just watch........

Sailor Mars: We've got to rally here folks. Mercury can you draw up all of the fighters info and match us so we can beat these punks!

Sailor Mercury punches some numbers into her computer and takes data of each fighter with her visor.

Sailor Mercury: Well I've calculated which one of us would mosty likely be a good match up to defeat one of those goons, but we're going to have to take it in steps. If everyone starts battling at once it will be chaos. First Me, and the scouts and Chibi-Moon will have to take on the **Ginyu force. But we're going to need the outer scouts to keep other people in control. Also they can't cheat. If they do we're gonners. Those Ginyu have sneaky attacks. That's where we'll need you scouts again, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, Saturn!

Sailor Uranus: We understand. We will be ready at a moment's notice!

Sailor Saturn: Wow, it's like we're doing crowd control! Cool!

Sailor Neptune: Yeah, something like that honey!

Sailor Pluto: Go Scouts, we will be ready!

Sailor Jupiter: We can do it guys, come on!

Announcer 1: Well it seems that Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Chibi-Moon are facing the Ginyu force.

Announcer 2: Ahhhhhhhhh, I want my mommy!!!!!!

Chibi-Moon: I can handle the little one. (Guldo)

Sailor Jupiter: I'll take the tall one, he seems to be their leader. (Captain Ginyu)

Sailor Venus: I'll take Blondie over there. (Jaice)

Sailor Mercury: I'll take the blue one, no problem! (Burter)

Sailor Mars: I'll take the big musculour brain dead looking one! (Reccome)

Captain Ginyu: We are the Ginyu force, no other beings can match our powers, or strenght our evil shall conquer you. Because we are the....

All 5 Ginyu: GINYU FORCE.

Each Ginyu state their name while doing their own poses.....

Recoome.....Burter........ Jaice........Guldo......and Captain Ginyu....together we are the GINYU FORCE.

Announcer 1: Oh yeah I'm sooooo impressed this overgrown mutants did their battle pose looking like runner-ups for the loser mobile...... Don't you think so Bob?

Announcer 2: Ha ha ha.....they funny looking.....

Sailor Venus: Oh yeah? Well we are the Sailor Scouts!

Each scouts decalres their presence and strikes wicked cool poses while a picture of their element appears behind them.

I am Sailor Mercury.....I am Sailor Mars....and I am Sailor Jupiter....and I am Sailor Venus...And don't forget me, Sailor Chibi-Moon.....[together] We are the champions of Justice we will right wrongs and triumph over evil....Get ready to go down Ginyu because we are the Sailor Scouts!

Announcer 1: Wow an impressive show by our home team. Don't you think Bob?

Announcer 2: Go scouts.....Wooh wooh wooh..... YEAH.... Go scouts, Go scouts, Go scouts...YEAH....

Announcer 1: Why do I even bother......?

Captain Ginyu: Nice form... but absolutely no style...you girls need to learn some style and we are going to have to teach you.....the hard way......Muwahhhhhhhh. If your afraid why don't you you little girls just run along home!

Sailor Jupiter: Who you calling little you two horned creep. JUPITER THUNDR CRASH!

Captain Ginyu: Oh, stop it your tickeling me!

Sailor Mercury: You have to throw your best at him. Let's see if I can take this blue goon!

Burter : I'm Blue eh? You are the ones that will be blue when we beat yeah!

Jeice: Yeah we'll take all of you down.

Sailor Venus: We'll see about that pretty boy!

Sailor Mars: We attack them at the same time and hit them hard. Use your most powerful attack and then be ready to punch and kick baby!

Captain Ginyu: Looks like the little girls are trying to hatch a plan. Be on your guard.






Announcer 1: Wow, the scouts developed new ULTRA powers because of their desire to succeed and seems to have knocked the Ginyu force to the ground.

Guldo: No one messes with the Ginyu Force....MIND FREEZE..... [thinks] As long as I hold my breath time will stop and I can win....... What ?????

Sailor Pluto: Not so fast Buddy! I am Sailor Pluto, the senshi of Time. You will not break the planetary rules of time. I shall not let it happen..... ULTRA DEAD SCREAM.....

Announcer 2: Um, is it just me or did Guldo just fall down for no apparent reason. Hey man do that mind thingy so you fall over again....he he he. They funny looking. He he he.

Jaice: ah, they messed up my hair....your going to pay for that....beginning with you dearie...all that lovely hair of yours is about to be come toasted.....

Sailor Venus: Oh, you like my hair? Well I do take good care of it! Can't say much for your hair though. My mom always said if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything else at all....and I always believed that you show people what your made of with your actions.........

Announcer 1: and Jaice is down! But Venus is not finished yet....


Jaice: Ahhhhhhhhhh......

Announcer 2: Well it seems Jaice has been sent to the other dimension

Sailor Venus: YEAH....

Burter: What? Jaice owed me money...now the pretty blond will pay me back....with pain.... heh heh heh.

Sailor Mercury: Your fights with me! Taste the power of Sailor Mercury..... ULTRA MERCUTY ICE BUBBLES FREEZE.....

Burter: Ahhhhh, I'm being frozen.

Sailor Venus: This one is for dissing me....ULTRA VENUS SHALOM....

Announcer 2: Bye bye Burter, the blue dude has just been taken care thanks to our scout in Blue! Nice going Mercury! You too Venus! Nice Move!

Sailor Mars: It's not time to celebrate yet......

Queen Beryl: Jadite, Malachite help them....

Sailor Uranus: I don't think so! ULTRA WORLD SHAKING....

Announcer 1: Oh, and they have been knocked down cold!

Queen Beryl: Zoicite tend to them and heal them with this energy and get rid of those scouts....

Sailor Jupiter: We don't have much time! Let's rally here scouts!

Sailor Mars: Your not getting away with this.....I call on the power of Mars...ULTRA MARS FIREBIRD STRIKE......

Announcer 1: Oh and Recoome has been hit, and hit badly.

Recoome: Oh I want to go to sleep now mommy!
BOOM! The large goon falls with no signs of getting up.

Captain Ginyu: What? These little girls will not beat the Ginyu force. Guldo do your thing. If you don't, no T.V. privileges for a week.

Guldo: I've tried, but that one [points to pluto] controls time and stopped me.

Chibi-Moon: Now I'm going to stop you! ULTRA SUGAR PINK ATTACK!

Captain Ginyu: What? This can't be! Guldo....sent to another dimension by this little brat?

Jadeite: We are ready Queen Beryl.

Captian Ginyu: No, don't help me, I'm going to do this on my own! This little scouts are gonna pay!!!!!!!

Sailor Jupiter: Oh yeah? ULTRA JUPITER VITAL PRESSURE......

Captain Ginyu: Ouch that hurt.....a little.....but now you have no idea how much I'm going to hurt you....take this.

Captain Ginyu jumps and lands and Sailor Jupiter. His weight crushing her body while at the same time punching her vigorously.

Sailor Moon: Jupiter.....No....someone help her.

Sailor Jupiter: no, it's....o..k..a..y! ahhhhhh, get...off...me.....

Sailor Venus: VENUS.....what? I can't fire! I think I used up my power quota. I can't seem to do anything.

Sailor Mercury: SHABON......Oh no mine is too....

Sailor Mars: I'll help, MARS .......Oh no!

Recoome: Your gonna pay for messing with my face...

Sailor Mars: Your still here? I'll take care of you.... ULTRA MARS FIREBIRD STRIKE....STRIKE.

Announcer 1: And Recoome has been sent to the other dimension. But it seems Now Mars has used up her power quota. I think they need time to recharge.

Sailor Jupiter: Your gonna pay for this. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Announcer 2: Sailor Jupiter do something.... I can't watch....she's getting pounded

Captain Ginyu: Let's try kicking now!

He starts to repeatedly kick Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Jupiter: Nooooooo, I won't let you win......my friends are counting on me...... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Announcer 1:Um I don't know what's going on But Sailor Jupiter just released a huge ball of energy and thus knocked Captain Ginyu off and now she's glowing. Whoa Cool!

Announcer 2: Look at that. you can see her 2-4 sign on her forehead, it's glowing bright like gold, illuminating everything around her...Wow maybe she's.....

Vegeta: A super saiyan? Another Super Saiyan? But she's not even a Saiyan. I have to learn her secret. I must become a super saiyan and take over the universe....Muwahhhhh.

Lady Jupiter: Vegeta, Let it go man, Let it go!

Luna: Wow, Sailor Jupiter has become an ULTRA scout. Her desire to win and her mastery over her ULTRA powers has made her ULTRA SAILOR JUPITER!

Sailor Jupiter gets up and approaches the fallen Captain Ginyu.

Captain Ginyu: Wow, that little attack of your packs quite a punch. But there is no way your beating me! Wait until I power up! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Announcer 2: Well Captain Ginyu is making us deaf while powering up.....sheesh use a breath mint man!

Sailor Jupiter: Oh, no you don't. JUPITER ULTRA CONSTRICT.....

Captain Ginyu: What, I can't move. No....this can't be....

Sailor Jupiter jumps and kicks Captain Ginyu in the stomach and continues to punch with all her force.

Sailor Jupiter: Now to finish you off! ULTRA JUPITER THUNDER VITAL DRAGON DISCHARGE!!!!!!!

A cloud of smoke forms around Captain Ginyu.

Sailor Jupiter: That was my best attack. That should've taken care of him.

Announcer 2: Ahhhhhhhhhhh.....look

Announcer 1: Oh my god, bad bad bad, oh bad....heh heh it seems Captain Ginyu is still alive.....ahhhhhhhhh

Sailor Jupiter: What? Oh no!

Captain Ginyu struggles to his feet.

Captain Ginyu: Your gonna pay now! *cough-cough* Take this...

Announcer 1: Oh no Captain Ginyu has knocked Sailor Jupiter into the wall and she's not moving. She's laying there motionless.

Sailor Moon: Noooooo, Jupiter.[With tears in her eyes she runs to where Jupiter lays motionless.] Jupiter....can you hear me? Jupiter? Please wake up Jupiter....Jupiter...oh no her glow is disspearing....and her sign is barely glowing....Jupiter no.....

Captain Ginyu: You want some too blondy? I'm having fun now!

Announcer 2: Sailor Moon is hurt, I repeat Sailor Moon is hurt....scouts GO!

Sailor Mercury, Mars, Venus: Sailor Moon....Sailor Jupiter.....

Artemis: Wow look at the scouts, they're beginning to....glow?




Luna: Wow, their desire to help Sailor Jupiter and to protect Sailor Moon has transformed them into ULTRA scouts!

Announcer 2: Wow, cool look they transformed into Ultra scouts. Wow look at their uniforms. Look each of them are glowing and they look like they're sparkling....like gold, and their new uniforms...WOW! I mean look at it Each aligned with gold....goes really well with all the glow-y-ness going on and the gold glowing signs on thier foreheads. ***Tres cool n'est ce pas?

Announcer 1: Yeah....oh look Sailor Jupiter opened her eyes.....I'm so happy..... Shes' going to be okay....can I have a hug?

Announcer 2: Get away from me man!

Sailor Moon runs over to Jupiter from where she was knocked down to by Captain Ginyu.

Sailor Moon: Can you hear me? Jupiter are you okay? Can you talk? Give me a signal........ She squeezed my hand.....scouts she's going to be alright....but we still need to take care of Captain Ginyu.

Sailor Mercury: [while punching the button on her visor] I assess Jupiter really took him down but it's not even close to beating him I'm afraid. It seems while we were tending to Jupiter and what not he recharged to full. So it was like Jupiter never hurt him at all. It's going to take all of us together to beat this guy! That means we need Jupiter. I think she will be fine but she needs some time.

Sailor Venus: Oh no, we don't have any time. What are we going to do? What are we going to do? Ah ah ah.

Sailor Mars: Stop panicking Venus. Neptune, Saturn and them can help us hold him off for awhile.

Sailor Neptune: I hear you. Hey take this. ULTRA DEEP SUBMERGE....

Announcer 1: Wow nice hit! I guess you can say he's all "washed" up? Get it? Water, washed? Get it, get it?

Announcer 2: Don't even try to be funny man....it so isn't work!

Sailor Saturn: YAY, I get to have some fun now! Come and get me. Na na na boo boo. you can't get me!

Captain Ginyu: Why you little pipsqueak. Ahhhhhh

Announcer 1: Oh no, Captain Ginyu is on collision course with Sailor Saturn....I can't look....

Sailor Saturn: ULTRA SLIENT WALL....

Captain Ginyu bashes into the attack and falls like a ton of bricks as if had just hit a very hard wall.

Sailor Saturn: Cool trick huh? Let's do it again. Na na boo boo. Come and get me if you can! Ginyu's got a big butt, Ginyu's got a big butt...Come on Chibi-Moon it's fun!

Chibi-Moon: [Runs over to where Saturn is standing] Yeah Ginyu, your have a big butt...he he he.

Captain Ginyu: Why you little nuisances...Ahhhhhh


BOOM. Slams into the wall again.

Captain Ginyu: Whoa, did anybody catch the number of that bus? [falls]

Sailor Pluto: It'll keep him occupied for now but I don't know how long Saturn can make those walls. It takes tremendous amounts of energy creating that wall. I don't even know how she's doing it. So what ever it is do it fast.

In the background: Na na boo boo....what? you little......ultra slient wall.....boom

Sailor Mercury: Jupiter, how are you? Can you see me? Oh no! She seems okay but she can hardly move. Her internal position is bad but everything else seems to be a.okay, powerwise!

Super Saiyan Goku: Here use these. [tends his palm out to the girls] They're Senshu beans. They'll do the trick!

Jupiter is fed two beans her glow returns and the sign on ther forehead becomes clear.

Sailor Jupiter: Whoa! That feels so much better. Thank you so much guys. I couldn't have done it without you. Sometimes I try to do everything myself but I have to remember....We are a team. The Sailor Scouts. We can do it.......together! [turns to Sailor Moon] I want to thank you Sailor Moon, you always were there for me.

Sailor Moon: Just like I will be there for you now! Come on! We'll beat him together.

Sailor Jupiter: No, you need to conserve your energy to beat Beryl.

Sailor Mercury: I hate to say it Sailor Moon, but she's right! Plus your the Moon princess we have to protect you!

In the background: Na na boo boo....what? why I oughta......ultra slient wall.....boom

Sailor Saturn suddenly falls and Chibi-Moon catches her.

Chibi-Moon: Are you okay?

Sailor Saturn: Oops I guess I over did it a bit! I'm so exausted. I don't think I can do this anymore. I'm sorry!

Captain Ginyu: Now I'm gonna get you!

Sailor Uranus: Why don't you pick on someone your own size. Come on we outer scouts will attack him and take him down, while you guys create your attack...... ULTRA SPACE BLASTER.

Sailor Pluto: ULTRA DEAD SCREAM....

Sailor Neptune: ULTRA DEEP SUBMERGE....

Announcer 1: And Ginyu is down....I repeat Ginyu is down...man your battle stations...or man your scouts.....ofcourse depending on which you have!

Sailor Jupiter: Come on, let's do it....together!

They stand in a circle holding hands chanting.

Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus: ULTRA SCOUT POWER......ultra scout power.....

ULTRA mercury power.....ULTRA mars power....ULTRA jupiter power.....ULTRA venus power......

The colors blue, red, green, and orange arise from each scout and above them a large ball of energy is created, when the four colors of power merge to create one.

Luna: Good work girls. Now do your best attack to send that ball of energy as fast and with as much force as you can. Oh no....hurry! Captain Ginyu is getting up.

Captain Ginyu: Now listen here. It ends here. Wait until I power up.....Ahhhhhhhhh

Announcer 1: Okay so Captain Ginyu is powering up and the scouts have just built their ball of energy and still need to launch it with their best attacks.



The Bubbles appear from mercury and merge into the ball of energy turning it to a pale blue. Then Mars's Firebird rises and with a shriek dives into the ball of energy turning it red and then mixing with the blue turns a pale purple all as while making the ball of energy bigger. But by now Captain Ginyu has finished powering up. He starts getting ready to throw his fireball.

Announcer 2: Hurry scouts.



Sailor Jupiter's Dragon arises and with a majestic dive emerges with the ball of energy making it even larger. Venus large yellow beam enters the ball of energy making it larger. It begins glowing and it is ready to be discharged.

Captain Ginyu: Take this....Ahhhhhhhhhh

Luna: Oh no he released his fireball. Concentrate girls and release that ball of energy.....NOW!

Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus: Ultra Scout power, Ultra Scout power.....

The scouts launch their ball of energy while Captain Ginyu's fireball is still approaching them. The two collide and both Captain Ginyu and the scouts push and push. First it seems Captain Ginyu is winning.

Sailor Moon: Come on Scouts, you can do it! We believe in you.

And scouts rebound and slowly but surely pushes Captain Ginyu's fireball until it hits him. He falls over and the scouts position their energy ball and with one brilliant flash their ball of energy fuses with Captain Ginyu.

Captain ginyu: Noooooooooooooooo

A brilliant flash of light which almost blinding and then..... BOOM. The smoke clears and Captain Ginyu is no more!

Announcer 2: Yes, Yes, oh yes! You go scouts! Captain Ginyu has been sent to the other dimension via first class thanks to the scouts! Woo hoo!

Sailor Moon: Scouts......

The scouts have collapsed to the ground. Sailor moon the outer scouts, and Chibi run to them.

Sailor Uranus: Are you all okay?

Sailor Jupiter: Yeah, we've just been maxed out. We'll be fine, just give us some time.

Queen Beryl: What? Freeza your hencemen are of no use. Jadite, Nephlite, Zoicite, and Malachite go and take care of the scouts. You are being given one last chance. Although all of you met your end I spent a lot of energy bringing all of you back. Succeed or else I'll send you to a place of noreturn.

Jadite: Yes, my Queen!

Announcer 1: Okay so Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn have been maxed out. With Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chibi still having some power left but I don't think it's enough. Now who's going to fight the 4 generals?

A voice is heard...... "We will!" Everyone turned around to see the owner of the voice to be....


To Be Contuined.....


P.S. Oh, another cliff hanger. Got to love it huh? This one took me so long to write and perfect. So hope you liked it. Yeah so I added some stuff in like them turning into Ultra scouts. Pretty cool huh? Also they combined two of their powers to make it even stronger. Neat huh? Well You'll have seen stars throughout the story their explanations can be found here. Hope you liked it! The links througout the story are linked to a picture so you can see what it looks like! Enjoy! ^_^

* If you don't know much of Dragon Ball Z visit this site for more informaition. -YTV's Dragon Ball Z site
** If you do know the plot of Dragon Ball Z but are not sure who the Ginyu Force are visit the following site- The Ginyu Force
*** "Tres cool n'est ce pas"- This is french and just in case you don't know what it means, it means Really cool don't you think!