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Annoucer One: Pluto shows off her beauty and she wins!!

Announcer Two: Ahem, ahem...I think not! I know you have a big crush on sailor pluto but they actually batlle!!!

Announcer One: She's so beautiful...[drooling] someone that beautiful shoudn't have to batlle...[eyes turn into hearts]

Annoucer Two: When announcer one has stopped going gaga we can get started...


Announcer Two: Hey, wait where are our players?

Annocuncer One: Here they come huffing and puffing. What's wrong girls? Hiiiii, Sailor Pluto...heh heh

Announcer two rolls his eyes! So girls lets' get started!

Sailor Neptune: Deep Submerge...

Announcer One: Oh, no! sailor neptune was too charged from all that running and overdid her attck a bit!

Announcer Two: What do you mean a bit!!!! She's flooded the entire hall

Sailor Neptune: oops...sorry....yikes...

Sailor Pluto: Dead Scream

Announcer One: Oh, wow...sailor pluto has gotten rid of the water, with her attck..isn't she great?...[looks at pluto with googoly eyes]

Announcer Two: Sailor Pluto is the winner! Cause she saved us all from the flood. Thank you! A great samaritan and winner...Sailor Pluto...everyone!

The End