Announcer 1: Okay we are here today with th moon combat of Brock vs. Sailor Moon. Oh, Brock and Sailor Moon have just arrived. Let's get started.

Announcer 2: Let's hope this battle is not like the last one we had when Brock went against a scout! He went gaga and we had no battle.

Announcer 2: Okay Sailor Moon beat this guy....YEAH!

Brock: Geodude.Go!

Sailor Moon: Moon Tiara Magic.

Announcer 1: Oh, and geodude has been moon dusted badly and taken to the pokecenter.

Brock: Go Onyx.

Sailor Moon: Oh what is this large overgrown rock going to do?

Brock: Onyx use your bind attack.

Announcer 1: And Onyx has wrapped around Sailor Moon and there seems to be no escape for her.

Sailor Moon: I know how to deal with you! Mercury lend me your power......Shabon Spray...

Brock: Nooooo.....Onyx......Are you okay?

Announcer 2: Wow this guy doesn't give up! He's sending out his last pokemon!

Sailor Moon: Yeah? Give me your best shot!

Brock: Go Zubat......

Sailor Moon: Ahhhh, ew ew ew, get that thing away from me.....

Announcer 1: It seems Sailor Moon is not particularly fond of Zubat and is running away from him. So Zubat is chasing her around the stadium.

Brock: Zubat use sonic wave.....

Announcer 2: Wow, Zubat has used his powerful attack where he emits sound waves toward the opponent.

Sailor Moon: Oh please, I can do better than that. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Announcer 1: Wow that screams loud.....

Announcer 2: WHAT? I can't hear you....

Sailor Moon: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Announcer 1: Wow. I wonder what that measures on the richter scale.

Announcer 2: WHAT?

Announcer 1: Zubat has fainted. It seems Sailor Moon's Sonic Boom is stronger than Zubat's.

Announcer 2: WHAT?

Announcer 1: Did you lose your hearing Fred?

Announcer 2: What?

Announcer 1: Okay, fred is deaf and I'll probably take him to the emergency room....argh! So sailor Moon wins today! Way to go Sailor Moon:

Sailor Moon: Thanks! [to scouts and Tux] And you guys though my screaming would never come in handy!

Scouts & Tux: WHAT?

Brock: Oh man, I lost again.....

Announcer 1: See you next time!


The End