Announcer 1: It's 9 o'clock in the Moon Combat Stadium. The seats are packed with spectators eager to see a fight between that yellow Pokemon, Pikachu and that super powered feline, Luna. This event is getting so much fanfare! Wow!

Announcer 2: Through the door of Silver Peace we have Pikachu, followed by Ash, who has let all his Pokemon out to watch this spectacular event.

*Crowd dressed in yellow costumes waves flags and cheers wildly*

Announcer 1: And through the other door we have Luna!

*Crowd dressed in pink throws moon shaped confetti everywhere. Huge stuffed cats are waved*

Announcer 1: The two opponents have climbed into the ring and.....


Announcer 1: Luna jumps through the air and creates......

Announcer 2: *gasp* A bazooka!

*crowd gasps in horror. Luna fans stomp and cheer wildly*

Announcer 1: The ferocious feline is taking aim and... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

Announcer 1: Misses!

Announcer 2: Oh no! The blast hit someone. Oh boy! Luna's blast hit Artemis!

Luna: Oh noooo! I've gotta help him!

Announcer 1: Luna has just created an enourmous First Aid kit and is now patching up her beloved.

Announcer 2: But Pikachu is sneaking up behind her!

Pikachu: Pika-CHU!

Announcer 1: And ooohhhh Luna is knocked into the back row by that well known Thunder Attack. Pikachu seems to have been training lately.....

Luna: You crummy little lightbulb faced Pokemon! Say your prayers Pika-poo! Feel the power of the moon.....Eat moon dust! If I can't beat you with my power I'll beat you with my intelligence one thing your trainer hasn't taught you because he doesn't have it himself.

Sailor Moon: You tell em Luna.

Luna: Borrowing.....

Sailor Moon: Hey don't take my transformation pen.....

Luna: Luna pen transform me into my human form.

Announcer 1: Wow Luna has turned into her human form also known as Princess Kaguay.

Announcer 2: Wow what a babe!

Artemis: Back off dude, she's mine!

Announcer 1: Is she allowed to do that?

Artemis: Of course she can. If a pokemon can evolve than My Luna can transform!

Announcer 2: Whoa, okay calm donw Kitty!

Luna: Moon Magic Dust......SPARKLE!

Sailor Moon: Whoa, you put Pikachu to sleep!

Pikachu: zzzzzzzzzz.....

Ash: Aw, man and I don't have any antidote to wake him up.

Announcer 2: This means Luna wins!

*Crowd cheers loudly while the spectators in yellow look angrily at Ash.

Ash: Uh, Oh I think I better jet! Run......

The crowd chases Ash out of the stadium screaming.

Announcer 1: Well I guess that ends another moon combat!

Announcer 2: [to Luna] So Luna you free tonight?

Luna shrugs and walks away.

Announcer 2: Oh way harsh!

Luna: [picking up artemis] Come on Kitty cat, we can go home now!

Artemis: Who you callin a Kitty.

Luna: YOU, you Dummy?

Artemis: Who you callin a Dummy?

The two leave bickering wtih each other.......

Lady Jupiter: They'll never change......


The End