Announcer 1: Wow everyone! We have got a great match today. It's the super-charged Sailor Jupiter vs the young water pokemon trainer Misty.

Announcer 2: Hey look there's a humungous wave coming in to the stadium and Misty and her Staryu are riding it!

Announcer 1: And following her is Ash Ketchum on his Lapras.

Announcer 2: Whoa! What was that huge must be the thunder and lighting of Sailor Jupiter. Yes there she is followed by the rest of the scouts!.

Announcer 1: Alright now, well let's not waste any time. Let's start this Moon Combat!

Misty: Staryu, let's get to it!

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter Thunder Clap zap!

Staryu dodges the move and Misty orders Staryu to use Water Gun.

Announcer 2: Sailor Jupiter dodges the move.

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter Thunder crash!

Announcer 1: And the move shocks the heck out of Staryu.

Misty: Staryu return. Go Starmie!

Sailor Jupiter: Great she's got more little critters I have to electrify.

Pokeball opens: PO(pokeball opening sound)!

Misty: No. No. Come back.

Announcer 1: Hahaha. Misty is stuck with her dumb Psyduck because Psyduck just loves to pop out of his pokeball at the wrong time.

Announcer 2: I have to agree. That Psyduck is such a loser I mean I can fight better than that!

Announcer 1: Yeah, now that's hard!

Announcer 2: HEY!!!!!!!

Misty: Fine. Go make a fool of yourself.

Psyduck: PSY....PSY.......DUCK

Crowd starts laughing at the crazy antics of Psyduck.

Sailor Jupiter: Oh geez......Jupiter Thunder Clap zap!

Announcer 1: Psyduck has fainted!

Misty: Come back you worthless pokemon. Now's that's Psyduck is back in his pokeball....... Now I'll use Goldeen!

Pokeball opens and out comes Goldeen.

Goldeeeeen: Goldeeeen!!

Sailor Jupiter: okay now Misty, are you stupid or just incredibly lazy. Come on! I thought you were smarter than Ash.

Ash: Hey what's that supposed to mean?

Sailor Jupiter: No offence, Ash but your kind of dumb witted.

Ash: Hey that's not my fault. Those WB translators are to be blamed for that!

Sailor Jupiter: Anyway.... Misty think about it.....You have water pokemon....water pokemon are weak against electirc pokemon.....I have electric powers.....Plus do you see any water around?

Misty: Hey your right! Goldeen return....I guess now I can unleash my secret weapon. Go Togepi!

Togepi: Toge....toge...pi....

Misty: Use your metronome attack.

Announcer 1: Whoa, Togepi has stuck his fingers up in the air and is waving them back and forth and back and forth and back and forth....

Sailor Jupiter: Can't move......


Announcer 2: Who! Togepi's attack has gone off and ohhhhh it looks like Jupiter is down. She seems to be buried under some rubble that fell from the ceiling due to Togepi's metronome attack.

Sailor Jupiter: Uh, what was that? That little annoying eggshell of a pokemon. Did that?

Misty: Thanks for the advice!

Sailor Jupiter: [as she picks herself up] That's what you get for being try to be nice.....and look what I'll have to wash this uniform....[grumbles] I call upon the powers of Jupiter to banquish this little, pokemon.....JUPITER THUNDER DRAGON!

Announcer 1: And togepi has been burnt to a crisp. I guess you can say his yolks been cooked! Ha ha ha!

Togepi: Toge....pi....[little smoke bubble escapes from his mouth].......wahhhhhhhhhhh

Misty: Oh it's okay, Togepi!

Sailor Mercury: Oh poor little baby.

Sailor Mercury and Misty take Togepi and he soon begins laughing.

Announcer 2: The winner is Sailor Jupiter!!

Announcer 1:So Sailor Jupiter what have you learned from this battle.

Announcer 2: Probably the fact that it's dumb to help your opponent! Ha Ha Ha.

Sailor Jupiter: You better watch it Fred..... No that's not what I learned.

Lady Jupiter: She learned that one should never underestimate their opponent. Did you see that attack Togepi pulled off.

Sailor Jupiter: Thanks Lady Jupiter but I didn't learn that either.

Lady Jupiter: Sure you did.......right?

Sailor Jupiter: I learned I'm out of detergent do you think I can borrow some from you. Because these stains on my uniform....if you let those stains set in it gets really really bad.

Lady Jupiter, Bob and Fred fall over in astonishment.

Announcer 2: Well, Moon Combat is over and we'll be back next time whether we learned a lesson or not!

Sailor Jupiter: Hey what's that supposed to mean?

Lady Jupiter: Yeah, I'll have you know my stories not only entertaining but also educational. They should be read by everyone so they can reap the benefits of reading these critically acclaimed Moon Combats!

The two announcers look at each other.....

Bob & Fred: Ha Ha Ha.....

Lady Jupiter: Okay so I was over exaggerating a teeny bit but you don't gotta laugh...

Bob & Fred: Ha Ha ha haha hahahahah

Lady Jupiter: Jupiter, let 'em have it!

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter thunder Crash......

Bob: Now that we've been toasted....we'll say goodbye.....

Fred: See you next time......[lets out a little smoke bubble from his mouth]


The End