Announcer 1: We are gathered here today for the battle of the evil ones!

Announcer 2: Yup, that's right! today our battle is between the EVIL Queen Beryl and the EVIL Freeza!

Announcer 1: This is going to be a very tough battle!!!

Freeza: Are you ready? Because I'm going to cream you! Let's see how long you last. I'll give you 60 seconds. Because I'm the most powerful being in the universe. Muwahhhhhhh.

Queen Beryl: Yeah, right! You're the one you got beaten my a saiyan monkey! What were you were having a bad day!?

Freeza: Hey!!! Now it's personal!!! Lets stop talking and get on with the fight!

Freeza: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! I am the most evil and I shall conqer all those who oppose me!

Queen Berryl: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am most evil one in the universe.

Announcer 1: Wow ! They are both powering up to gather up all their power in one place so they can fire a huge powerball at each other!

Announcer 2: Ew, they both have their mouth wide open and have started yelling at the top of there lungs!!Wait do they have lungs??

Announcer 2: Yes, they do....I think....

Announcer 1: Yoah! What's that funky smell? What did they have for lunch?? It smells awful! I have two words for you guys...Tic - Tac,,,

Queen Berryl: Wait a minute, why are we fighting each other??

Freeza : To prove I'm more evil than you?

Queen Berryl: No!!! We should be fighting the sailor scouts and take over the world!!

Freeza: Then become IMORTAL!!!

Queen Berryl: Umm.... yeah...

Announcer 2: Well great they're going to take over earth, so is my coffee ready yet??

Freeza and Queen Berryl: Yes, team up and get rid of those pesky sailors and saiyans in one fowl swoop. Muwahhhhhhhhhhh

Announcer 1: Okay this is getting ugly.

Announcer 2: We could use you right about now scouts!

Sailor Moon: I don't think so. I am Sailor Moon, Champion of justice I will right wrong and triump over evil...especially those with such bad breaths!

Sailor Mars: Would you cut the melodramatics and let's take care of these guys.

Gohan: You guys want some help?

Gohan, Krilin, Vegeta and Super Saiyan Goku enter the stadium. United with Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Chibi-Moon they stood united against the two evils.

Queen Beryl: So you think you bunch of misfits are hot huh? Two can play at that game.

She motions her hands over her ball and makes appear on the stadium Jedite, Nephlite, Zoicite, Malachite.

Sailor Moon: That can't be good!

Freeza: Ginyu Force report to me immediately.

The Ginyu force enter the stadium.

Krilin: Now that's no good!

The two groups face each other in the heat of battle.

Announcer 1: Geez, the tension is so thick here you can cut it with a knife.

Announcer 2: Come on guys don't fight. Anyone for some Chinese. I'll buy!

Announcer 1: You can't afford it.

Announcer 2: Your right....okay me and Bob will pay.

Announcer 1: Hey!

Queen Beryl: Fool.... this will be a battle like you have never that will decide the outcome of the end of the Universe.

Sailor Moon: Get ready scouts.....this is it.......


To Be Contuined.....


I know I know your probably really mad at me. How could I keep you hanging like that? Well I'm going to make this into a series. On each page there will be one battle that is fromt this series. This was part one. Look for part two of "The battle of Good and Evil."