Announcer 1: Once again we're here in Moon Combat. Today's match is Sailor Moon our champion of Justice against ..... Magikarp. Like what is he going to do? Flop sailor moon to death? Ha ha hah.

Announcer 2: This should be an easy one for Sailor Moon.

Announcer 1: Oh, and here comes Fisherman and he has thrown his Magikarp in the stadium.

Announcer 2: Now where could Sailor Moon be?

Announcer 1: I am not surprised the clumsy one hasen't arrived!

Sailor Moon rushes in.

Sailor Moon: Hey, I'm not always a clumsy!!!

Announcer 1: Let's just start this Moon Combat!

Magikarp: MAGI.....KARP....Magi karp....

Sailor Moon: Is that all he does? He's so pathetic I don't think I want to fight him.

Fisherman: I'm insulted. My Magikarp can do lots of things.

Sailor Moon: Oh as if you expect us to beleive that! Come on why did you really enter this moon combat?

Fisherman: Well look at all the free publicity Lady Jupiter is giving me! Everyone visit the Magikarp-Gyrados Aquarium for your favourite water pokemon.

Sailor Mercury: Wow, that sounds cool!

Fisherman: Hey Sailor Mercury you want to be my spokesperson????

Lady Jupiter: Geez he's a ruthless business man isn't he? Sheesh.

Fisherman: How about you Lady Jupiter ?

Lady Jupiter: Oh as if!

Sailor Moon: Hold on a minute here! What in the world is a Gyrados?

Magikarp: MAGI....KARP....KARPMA...GIKARP!!

Announcer 1: Magikarp is evolving into GYRADOS!

Announcer 2: Sailor Moon that's a Gyrados!

Sailor Moon: Ahhhhhh what is that overgrown sea creature doing?

Announcer 1: He's getting ready his Dragon Rage attack.

Sailor Moon: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Announcer 2: I don't want to be here when he does do his attack. I declare Gyarados the winner. Let's get out of Here.

Gyarados looks at Bob and Fred and uses his Dragon Rage.

Announcer 1: That's it and we'll see you later but now we have to run for our lives. Ahhhhhhhhh

Announcer 2: See yall at the next Moon Combat! Ahhhhhhhh

Fisherman: Oh this is great publicity.

Lady Jupiter: Run for your lives..............

The End