Announcer 1: Here we are for another Moon Combat.

Announcer 2: That's right! All the way from the Pewter City Gym, Brock! Sailor Jupiter is here and punctual as usual but where is Brock? He better watch out, Sailor Jupiter has been practicing.....her flower hurricane and oak evolution are looking better all the time.

Ash: Come on Brock!

Announcer 1: What's going on? It seems Misty and Ash are dragging Brock out of the stands. Fred go down and see what's up!

Announcer 2: I don't have to go down....the ceiling is what's up.....get it? get it? You asked what's up...get it up.....and above us is the ceiling....ha ha ha..........................[finises laughing, sighes] Aw, all right I'm going!

Misty and Ash manage to drag Brock on the stadium and drop him in the corner.

Announcer 2: Ash what's going on!

Ash: Well we're not sure, but Brock said he wanted to come early so he could scope out his competiton before started battling, then when we came in we found him dazed behind the bleachers.

Misty: [whispers] Hmph, Guys......I bet you I know what happened.....

Announcer 2: Brock, Brock get up... you have a battle....Don't give Sailor Jupiter waiting...she hates me, I've got the burnt marks to prove it.....

Brock stares at him blankly, dazed as if to seem to be in another world. Sailor Jupiter walks over to where Ash, Misty, Brock and Fred are.

Sailor Jupiter: What's wrong with him? [To Brock] Open your eyes at least, O.K.?

Brock sits there, motionless but his eyes start to sparkle strangely.......

Brock: ............

Announcer 1: He's finished before he has begun.... It looks like Sailor Jupiter was just too much for "Brock the Rock".

Announcer 2: Hey, I'm the one making the corny jokes....okay!

Sailor Jupiter: I'm all pumped and ready to go. At least let me score one hit before you call the match!

Announcers 1&2: Welllllll...... OK.

Announcer 2: I love watching her in action......go JUPITER!

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter Oak Evolution!

Announcer 2: And that's the end of Brock! Brock is lying on the ground. His friends are trying to help him up but to no avail. Some one get an ambulance or something.

------------------------- At the hospital

Ash: Well Brock, how do you feel?

Brock: The last thing I remember is a vvvvvvveeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy pretty girl in green & lots of leaves and flowers.........


The End