Announcer one: Alright, the crowd is awaiting the arrival of someone very special!

Announcer two:Look above! It's a plane, It's a bird no It's Goku on the flying Nimbus!

Announcer two: Look there.It's Sailor Mars!'

Goku: She looks formidable.

Announcer 1: What are we waitin for. Let's begin the fight.

Goku tries a punch and Sailor Mars dodges it.

Sailor Mars: Wow nice try...Mars fire ignite!

Announcer 2: Oh no! Goku's hair is on fire.

Sailor Moon: Go Sailor Mars!!!!

Sailor Mars: Shut up....

Sailor Moon: Fine be that way.... go GOKU!

Lady Jupiter: Oh sailor moon, your so flaky...but we love you anyway....

Sailor Moon: What's that........?

Lady Jupiter shakes her head.

Announcer 1: Look, aman in the front row dropped his Beverage and it has stopped Goku's fiery hair! I guess you can say that was "cool" move. Ha ha ha

Announcer 2: You and your corny jokes....

Goku: Wow that was "hot" attack. Now take this... Ka-me-ha-me-ha!

Announcer 1: Mars dodges it and uses her firebirds attack and Goku dodges it.

Goku: ULTRA-Ka-me-ha-me-ha!

Announcer 2: Wow, Mars dodged and still got hit! It blasted Mars with full force and Mars is down. Join me for a interview of the winner: How did ya do it Goku?

Goku: I couln't of done it without my son, Goten. Isn't that right we practiced my kamehameha together?

A burnt toasted Goten: That's right dad.

Goku: I appreciated it that you were my kamehameha target!

Announcer 1: Okay... hey sailor venus...what are you doing here?

Sailor Venus: So Goku like what are doing after...maybe we can some burgers and fries

Goku: Oh wow, yeah that would be great, all that fighting made me hungry.

Sailor Venus drapes onto Goku and start to lead him out of the stadium when suddenly chi-chi shows up.

Chi-chi: Goku your an hour late for dinner...

Goku: Oh no....I'm in trouble....

Chi-Chi drags him away from the stadium.

Sailor Venus: Oh man...he was sooooo hot too!

Sailor Jupiter: You can never hold on to a man, can you?

Sailor Venus: Oh like you can do any better?

Oh least I'm that's not true....oh yeah whatever.....that doesn't count....

The two girls start a horrendous argument.

Announcer 1: Who needs moon combats when Sailor Venus and Jupiter go at it like this and I'm sure Goku's fighting his own battle against his own wife right now. You don't mess with Chi-Chi man, she's insane....

Announcer 2: But she's kind of hot.....

Announcer 1: No she's not....

The two announcer began an argument!

Lady Jupiter: it. Ah well, some things never change, I guess! See you next time!


The End