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Announcer One: Hello ladies and gentlemen, and once again welcome to Moon Combat. Our battle today will be between That A+ student Sailor Mercury and the Beautiful model Sailor Venus

Announcer Two: So far only Venus is here.

30mins later

Announcer One & Annoucer Two: Zzzzzz....zzzzzzz...zzzzzzz


Announcer One: Ah, well be right back after these,.. huh?

Announcer Two: The phone is ringing! I'll get it Hello?

S.Mercury: Hi! It's me sailor mercury

Announcer Two: Where have you been?

S.Mercury: Sorry, I can't make the game I have to study for a math test.

Announcer Two: Um....okay, Bye! You heard it folks. The the game is over !! Sailor Venus Wins, because Sailor Mercury forfits.

Sailor Venus: Cool, if all my battles are like this...I would win for sure!

The End