Announcers 1 & 2: Hi there and welcome to another Moon Combat. We are your new announcers. Since it's Victoria Day, our regular announcer Bob and Fred have decided to take a holiday. We are filling in for them as special announcer for todays' battle.

Announcer 1: Hello I'm Arcanidea Queen of Kondahu and . . .

Announcer 2: And I'm her twin sister the Crown Princess Elvria.

Arcanidea: Our favorite moon combat personality Lady Jupiter . . .

Elvria: VS a mystery challenger. I wonder who it could be!

Elvria: Look Lady Jupiter has entered the ring followed by the Sailor Scouts. This should be very interesting because Lady Jupiter is not an original scout but part of the subsidiary scouts consisting of Lady Moon, Mercury, Mars, venus and herself. They have special powers and they are so powerful that they call on the different powers of the different powers at will. Lady Jupiter has mastered mostly Sailor Jupiter's powers and a few powers of other scouts. This is the first time we will get to see her in action. It should be something to see.

Arcanidea: Don't forget the karate moves that Lady Jupiter has also mastered from her sensai Liu Kang. Our mystery fighter has entered the field and he si all covered up. Drats now we don't know who it is! He must be extremely powerful to challenge our Lady Jupiter. Because you know Lady Jupiter is so.....and she's .....and don't forget she's also....

Elvria: Shut up and lets get on with it!!! An amazing battle has begun. Our mystery fighter is shooting laser beams at Lady Jupiter, and she is managing to dodge them easily. Lady Jupiter jumps, and oh she doesn't land on her feet, that time. And ooohhh, Lady Jupiter has been hit!!!

Arcanidea: I don't think she's going to take this very lightly. She hates losing and won't let anybody get away with anything!

Lady Jupiter: Man what a radical power! Nothing I can't handle. He think he can get away? If I just combine two powers it'll do the trick!JUPITER THUNDER CLAP ZAP!!!......RED THUNDER LIGHTNING....

Jupiter's thunder clap zap travles towards the mystery guest and Jupiter's red thunder attack engulfs the zap and turns red.

Elvria: What a great counter attack, our mystery fighter is down. Wow, the infamous red thunder lightning attack. Red thunder can be seen for less than a 0.1 milli-second when thunder strikes. It's tremedous energy is maintainable for that long and Lady Jupiter just did a attack with it. WOW to harness that kind of power.....The fighter is getting up slowly


Arcanidea: Looks like Lady Jupiter is going to use her finishing move, she just powered up.


Elvria & Arcanidea: Our mystery fighter has been waisted! Lady Jupiter is the winner!!!

Elvria: Hey look down there I see Bulma, Yamcha, Krillin, and Tien from Dragon Ball Z.

Arcanidea: That means our mystery fighter must be from Dragon Ball Z!!!

Elvria: Someone Get in there and unmask him.

Elvria & Arcanidea: O My God it is Vegeta!!! Who in the @ * \ # invited him here!!! He's just so mean, obssessive about taking over the universe and just all around.....EVIL!

Lady Jupiter: (to self) I wonder what would happen if they found out that I invited him here? I wanted to test my power on a Super Sayan, but he wasn't even a challenge to me.

Elvria: Well I think we should be leaving.

Arcanidea: I think your right. Sionara folks and see ya next Moon Combat!

The End


P.S. So what do you guys think? Lady Jupiter's first battle. Thanks to Amber for sending this in. Vote for your favourite moon combats and if this is one of your favourites vote for it and if lots of people like it, I'll make more with Lady Jupiter! How do like those powers I made up huh? Cool huh? Like them?