Announcer 1: Well, time for another moon Combat!!

Anoouncer 2: cool! Who's it between?

Announcer 1: Guess who.

Announcer 2: Geez. I hate guessing! Um,.. Sailor Moon and PrinceDiamond!!

Announcer 1: No! That was a couple weeks ago. Try again.

Announcer 2: Umm, Sailor Moon vs. Chibi Moon

Announcer 1: Give me a break!!

Announcer 2: Well, coffee vs. your hard head!!

Announcer 1: Say what!! Mpphh

Fred throws coffee at bob and it lands on hisface

Announcer 1: (wiping coffee off him) not quite.... do try again

Announcer 2: I give up!!

Announcer 1: Sailor Moon vs. Sailor Star Fighter

Announcer 2: Figures.

Announcer 1: Well here they are and the battle is immediately begun!

Sailor Moon: Crystal Power Kiss!!

Star Fighter: Nice try queenie!! (blasts her)

Tuxedo Mask: That's enough! I'll fix this little problem!!

StarFighter: Hey! Cape Man! My fight, back off!

Tux: I don't think so...

Fighter: well, that's just Peachy.(blasts him)
Sailor Moon screams and goes into hysterics.

Sailor Moon: Hey! Your fighting me! Leave him alone!!!

Star Fighter:(to himself) hmmm, very free spirited. A shame we gotta fight. (blasts her again)

Sailor Moon dodges the attack from StarFighter

Star Fighter: Rats! missed her!!

Announcer Two: Star Maker has entered the ring? She is running up to Star fighter... and seems to be whispering something to her...

Star Fighter: What!! You can't be serious! {the conversation gets soft. No one can hear)

Star Maker: I am! I saw her transform with my own eyes....

Star Fighter: I can't hurt Serena.......

Tuxedo: (recovering) Well, are you gonna blast us and finish us off? {Sailor Moon is in Tuxedo's arms embracing him}

Star Fighter: I forfeit!!


Star Fighter: You heard me! I forfeit!! I don't time for the likes of all of you and your silly little moon combats!

Lady Jupiter: Hey, what do you mean "silly litle moon combats"? Jupiter Vital Pressure....

Sailor Jupiter: Hey that's my move.... you can't do it....

Lady Jupiter: Sure I can...just watch me....

Lady Jupiter and Sailor Jupiter start arguing and Sailor Star Fighter leaves.

Announcer 1: Well, that was interesting


Next day at school....

Seiya: Good fight.

Serena: What? Who? What are you talking about??

Seiya: In time, all in good time,Queenie... (and with that Seiya walks off.)

Serena (to herself) He can't be.... no way. but still, how'd he know, there IS a resemblence.... but Fighters a SHE! Ugh this is one wack-o world I know. And My life is far from normal.

Serena walks off shaking her head.

The End