Announcer 1: Hey peoples! Mooncombat time has arrived! Right, Bob?

Announcer 2: Yes indeed! Today, is an extermly topsy turvy battle, it's Sailor Saturn vs Sailor Uranus?! This will be a huge suprise battle, because they don't know who they're battling!

Announcer 1: Suppose so... Hey, here comes Hotaru?! Why hasn't she transformed into Sailor Saturn? She's kind of young....

Announcer 2: OOOOOwwww- ISN'T SHE CUTE! So, you know why you're here, Hotaru?

Hotaru: Haven't got a clue but I told Michiru a.k.a Sailor Neptune, I had to go somewhere, Haruka had to go to somewhere. She's my best playmate, yesterday we played....

Announcer 2: Really..... Haruka is Sailor Uranus right?

Hotaru: U-huh, but anyway, in case you're wondering I'm only six months old. After the eclipse my growth rate has been tremendous.

Announcer 2: Yes, you and you're Sailor Friends are fighting the Amazoness Quartet?

Hotaru: Yes, but I have to fight "someone" that you want me to fight soooo.... SATURN CRYSTAL POWER...... MAKE UP!!

Announcer 1: All right, here comes.... Sailor Uranus?!

Sailor Uranus: HOTARU, I MEAN, SAILOR SATURN????!!!! No way, You were supposed to stay home with Michiru! (Suddenly a voice comes from the audience)

Michiru: Haruka, I'm right here I couldn't miss a moon combat at Lady Jupiter's written by her friend Kalli!

Sailor Uranus: Let me talk to you and Hotaru privatly, alright annoncers?

Announcer One: Actually we want to get the fight going...

Sailor Uranus: World Shaking...

Announcer Two: Okay okay sheesh, you don't got to break up our's all we got!

The three girls talk amongst themselves. and After a couple of minutes...

Sailor Uranus: We're ready to battle, World Shaking!!

Sailor Saturn: Silence Wall!

Announcer 2: Sailor Uranus is down and is not getting up! Sailor Saturn is the winner!

Sailor Saturn: Cool! I won? Yay!

Announcer 1: We'll see you next time on another Mooncombat! (The announcers leave as Sailor Uranus gets up)

Michiru: Looks like your plan worked, Haruka!

The girls wink at each other. Then Setsuna a.k.a Sailor Pluto steps out from the auidence.

Setsuna: How did you two fight without getting hurt?

Sailor Saturn: Oh Setsuna, that's the game me and Haruka played yesterday!

A giggle comes over all of them as they walk away, happy....most importantly with no one hurt!


The End