Announcer One: Today there will be a battle between the thundering duo of Sailor Jupiter and Raichu. Did you see what I did there? Get it? Get it? Thundering....and they both have thunder you get it?

Announcer Two: That was just bad okay?

Announcer One: Why did it shock you? Get it shock, shock Ha Ha Ha
He continues laughing.

Announcer Two: Anyway....Ash has just walked in with Raichu.

Jesse and James also come to the rink with Meowth. They come in and sit on the bleachers.

Announcer One: Sailor Jupiter has arrived...woo woo, yeah yeah. go Jupiter go!

Announcer Two: What is wrong with you?

She is followed by Mina, Raye, Serena, and Amy. The battle begins soon after.

Ash: I choose you! Raichu!

Raichu: Chu! Raichu!

There is a long pause. As neither opponent does anything.

Announcer 2: Both sides seem very hesitant to get the fight started. Come on Jupiter!!! Yeah!

Sailor Jupiter: Be quite Bob. I really don't want to do this, but let's get it over with. Jupiter! Wait! I can't do this! Raichu is my favorite Pokemon! He's so cute, too! He even reminds me of my old boyfriend! Oh, okay he doesn't and I was just kidding about that one. But Raichu still is my favorite Pokemon!!

Announcer 2: It seems as though Sailor Jupiter does not want to fight Raichu.

Raichu: Chu Raichu Rai! Chu Rai! Rai Raichu!

Jesse: Meowth, what did Raichu just say?

Meowth: Raichu said that Sailor Jupiter is its' favorite Sailor Scout, and it doesn't want to fight her, either!

James: Oh, how sweet!

Jupiter untransforms.

Announcers 1 & 2: WHAT?!!

Announcer 1: Well, surprisingly, it appears that Sailor Jupiter has untransformed before our very eyes! Awwww, I won't get to watch her kick butt...and she's so good at it too!

Lita: Hey Raichu! Let's go get some ice cream! You you want to come?

Raichu: Chu!

Lita: You can come too, Ash. You know, you kinda remind me of my old boyfriend, Freddie!

Ash: Uh, what's that supposed to mean?

Raye: Nothing! Just ignore her! She says every guy looks like her old boyfriend!

Lita: Hey! I do not!

Raye, Mina, Amy, Serena: Yes,you do!!

The girls start endless bickering as they walk out of the stadium.Ash and Raichu just look at each other, amazed.

James: Look at what Ash and his Raichu got themselves into! I almost feel sorry for them!

Jesse: [Jesse slaps his face.] Snap out of it! Don't feel sorry for him!! His our enemy

James: Jesse don't hit me. Jesse...

Jesse chases James out of the stadium with Meowth following.

Meowth: Wait up for Mewoth!

Announcer 1: Well it appears that we have a draw tonight, folks. Come back tomorrow night and hopefully we'll have some more action. We'll have to remember not to put any of the Scouts up against their favorite Pokemon Ever again! Then I'll be sure to see Jupiter in action. She can kick ass!

Announcer 2: You got that right! Well we some action, Just listen to those girls!! Raichu and Ash have got to be sorry they accepted Lita's invitation!


The End