Announcer One: Today on Moon Combat, the sometimes annoying red haired Misty is going to fight against our hero, Sailor Moon!

Announcer Two: Won't this be a very interesting match?

Announcer One: Misty enters the stadium followed by her friends, Ash, Brock, and Tracey.

Announcer Two: And here comes Sailor Moon, followed by her fellow scouts.

The other scouts, Tuxedo Mask, and Reeni take a seat. Ash, Brock, and Tracey also take their seats after encouraging Misty.

Announcer One: Let the combat begin! Misty: Don't think I will go easy on you just because you are such a pretty girl!

Sailor Moon: (blushes) Really? You think so? Why that's so nice of you! Hey, Tuxedo Mask, she just said I'm pretty and you never say that!

Misty starts the combat while Sailor Moon talks to Tuxedo Mask.

Misty: Go, Starmie!
Instead, Psyduck pops out of her backpack.


Announcer One: Sailor Moon has done her moon tiara attack while Misty was getting mad at Psyduck.

Sailor Moon: Moon Tiara Magic!! Misty saw it just in time and jumped up, avoiding the attack, but it hit Psyduck on the head, and Psyduck fainted.

Misty: Psyduck, are you ok? Are you hurt? Get up! I'm going to ose to this meatball head...

Tracey: I told you it was love. Now that's love....

Brock: You never told me anything!

Announcer One: Looks like Misty is "grieving" over Psyduck.

The battle will end with Sailor Moon as the winner. No! Wait, Psyduck has gotten up and returned to its Pokéball for a nice, long nap. Misty has stood up again facing Sailor Moon.

Misty: You won't get away. I'll pay you back somehow!

Sailor Mercury: Be careful, Sailor Moon!

Misty: Go, Starmie!

Sailor Moon: Moon Tiara Magic!

Misty jumped up and dodged the attack, and the tiara hit Tuxedo Mask!

Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask, are you ok?

Tuxedo Mask: I'm fine, but look out behind you!

Sailor Moon looked, and a stream of water hit her in the face from Starmie's Water Gun Attack!

Misty: Starmie, Tackle Attack! Starmie tackled Sailor Moon, and Sailor Moon fell to the ground.

As Misty was about to tell Starmie to tackle Sailor Moon again, Togepi waved its fingers in its Metronome Attack, and the stadium blew up. When the fog cleared, Sailor Moon was lying on the ground, uncouncious.

Misty: Yeah, I won! Whoo-hoo!

Ash: Hey, Sailor Mars, you owe me a hundred bucks! Sailor Mars grunts as she hands Ash a hundred bucks.

Announcer One: Looks like Misty won with a Metronome Attack from Togepi!

Announcer Two: (going ga-ga over Misty) Maybe now she will say yes when I ask her out!

Announcer One: Yeah right! She loves Ash, you dummy!

Announcer Two: Oh, man! Tell me when Misty dosen't love Ash anymore!

Announcer One falls over in stupidity, then grabs the microphone and hits Announcer Two HARD on the head.

Sailor Moon miraculously rises....

Sailor Moon: I won't let you win.... I have moon combat fans to please....

Sailor Moon opens her crystal and starts powering up her crystal. IT glows and shimmers as it powers up.

Tuxedo Mask: SERENA....Nooooo don't use the'll die if you use the crystal...

Sailor Mercury: Sailor Moon....

Sailor Mars: Sailor Moon....

Sailor Jupiter: Sailor Moon....

Sailor Venus: Sailor Moon....

Lady Jupiter: Is anyone feeling a deja vu? Sailor Moon Movie R?

Sailor Moon: I can't let down the fans, they wouldn't stand for Msty winning... I am the leader of the Sailor scouts, the champion of Justice I can't lose to this red haired girl.....CRYSTAL GIVE ME THE POWER not to DISSAPOINT my fans.

Announcer One: Wow, Sailor Moon has used her crystal beam and shot Starmie right out of the stadium. I guess Sailor Moon is the winner.....

Misty: I still have one more pokemon. Horsea, go!

Horsea: Hor-sea, Hor-sea.

Misty: Use smog attack.

Sailor Moon: Yuck...get this stuff of me....

Fans: Go sailor moon, go! We believe in you...

Sailor Moon: My fans have always given me strength, I can feel my powers increase becasue of them...

Scouts/Tux: Um...excuse me? I thought it was because of us!

Sailor Moon: Well yeah, you guys count in that list too! Everyone in this moonie world is Sailor Moon devotee fan for life!

Sailor Mars: Oh please, give me a break!

Announcer Two: Sailor Moon has once again used her attach against Misty and Horsea is down, making Sailor Moon the victor. But it seems she has collpased...

Tuxedo Mask: SERENA....

Announcer One: Well, Sailor Moon is okay and has been taken to the hospital. Misty remorsely left, trying to rush Horsea to a Poke-Center. While leaving Psy duck here to our great annoyance. Now Join Fred live form the hospital to get th econdition of our hero.

Announcer Two: So how are you feeling?

Sailor Mercury: Well, she's suffering form exhaustion and should be up and about in a couple of days. Nothing serious but it could have been.

Announcer One: Whoa, Mercury you aren't a doctor yet...and plus I asked SAILOR MOON.....

Tuxedo Mask: She feels it was a bargain but she wouldn't stop the battle...she went on...battled....

Sailor Moon: I CAN SPEAK FOR MYSELF! ..... Anyway I want to thank all my moonie fans. They are the best in the world. I fought today for them! For everyone who makes a website, buys the merchandise, visits the sites, watches the show and buys the comics! It was a victory for each and every one of them!

Sailor Mars: Oh god, cork it Serena!

Sailor Moon: Plus the hospital is giving me lots of yummy Jello to eat...YUM...hey there comes my first serving now!

Announcer Two: Well as Serena eats her Jello, we'll finish it of for today!

Announcer One: Thanks Fred, That's all for today, folks! See you tomorrow!


The End