Announcer One: Hello! today its sailor pluto vs sailor Venus

Sailor Venus: and I am going to win he he he! I finally get my chance! Last time I got a moon combat was on the first page. Lady Jupiter you gotta give me some more battle time...

Lady Jupiter: Sorry! It's not my fault! It's people send into me!

Sailor Pluto: Yeah are you sure because Venus you'll win...IN YOUR DREAMS!

Crowd: Go Pluto Go! your the best! We know you'll beat her no problem!

Announcer Two: come-on girls let's get it on!

Announcer One: GO Sailor Venus go!


Sailor Pluto: DEAD SCREAM!

Sailor Venus: I've seen you do that before...
Venus jumps and Pluto misses.

Sailor Pluto: Drat!

Sailor Venus: Venus Love me Chain encircle.

Sailor Pluto: Ouch! Oh you're going to pay for that one.

Sailor Venus: Venus Meteor Shalom.

Sailor Pluto: Ahhhhhhhhhhh

Sailor Venus: You watching, Lady Jupiter? How I'm kicking ass!

Lady jupiter: Yeah but watch out Pluto's getting up!

Sailor Pluto stands up. She waits for a moment then leaps into action and kicks Venus down. She goes flying across the room. Sailor Venus struggles to her feet.

Lady jupiter: Oh, I feel so bad for her, Hey I know!

Announcer One: Wow, Lady jupiter has jumped into the rink!

Lady jupiter: My favourite scout has just lent me some of her power so here we go! JUPITER OAK EVOLUTION!

Sailor Pluto is hit and falls to the ground.

Lady Jupiter: Wow! I always wanted to do that!

Sailor Venus: I can do it myself, Lady Jupiter! Step aside.

Announcer One: Wow Sailor Venus seems poised to win!

Sailor Venus: I'm not going to let you beat me! I may not be the most powerful sailor or the one who contorls time or like Lady Jupiter but I'm Sailor Venus. I shall protect the earth and myself from being kicked around by the likes of you!

Sailor Pluto: Big words and no....
Venus pounces on Pluto and starts punching her as she was about to finish talking.

A grueling battle between Sailor Venus and Pluto get underway. It seems like neither will win.

Announcer Two: Wow, SailorVenus is giving it her 100%.

After some time Venus is worn out and....

Announcer One: Sailor Pluto wins!

Sailor Venus: I feel hurt! I did my best. I did my absolute best and just wasn't good enough.....

Lady Jupiter: That's okay Venus. Atleast you put inthe effort. Lot of people would not do what you did today. We know Sailor pluto is very powerful that's why everyone thought you were going to lose. But you put up a good fight! Even pluto didn't expect that! You did your best and that makes you winner in my book!

Sailor Venus Fans in the crowd: Yay Venus! Yay Venus!

Lady Jupiter: Looks like your a winner in thier books too! See your fans love you although you lost! They support you because you did your best.

Sailor Venus: Wow, I guess you can feel like a winner even if you did lose when you have support like that.

The Sailor Venus fans out yell the Sailor Pluto fans and the battle ends with the resounding sound of Go Venus Go! Go Venus Go! Go Venus Go!


The End


P.S. This story has some significance to me. I tried to portray something. Any Ottawa Senators (NHL) fan would see what I'm trying to say! GO SENS GO! GO SENS GO! GO SENS GO!