Announcer 1: Welcome to Mooncombat, sponsored by that lovely Lady Jupiter!

Announcer 2: The battle, is strangely between Sailor Chibi Moon and Wicked Lady. I'm not really sure how that works!!

Announcer 1: Well that doesn't matter because the games have begun!

Sailor Chibi Moon: WHAT??? WHO IS SHE? SHE LOOKS LIKE ME! [to herself] I have this weird feeling.

Wicked Lady: [to herself] Why do I have this weird feeling? [out loud] Well, I came for a fight not a family reunion....[to herself] but now that she mentions it we do look similar.... [out loud] That doesn't matter, after I have crushed you! LETS GET GOING!

Sailor Chibi Moon: Pink Sugar Attack!

Wicked Lady: Luna Sphere! Give me my umbrella! Hiiiiyyyyyaaaaaaa!
(She shoots an umbrella at Chibi Moon)

Announcer One: Okay what the hell was that?

Announcer Two: Um... chibi moon threw the pink sugar attack and wicked lady threw an umbrella attack at chibi moon. They both hurt each other but it seems that chibi-Moon got hit by the umbrella and then got toasted by her own attack and the same fo rwicked lady?

Announcer One: what is going on here? Why are they being hurt by their own attack when it doesn't even touch tem...but I know they did! They've got the bruises and burns to prove it! WEIRD!

Luna: I knew this would happen!

Sailor Chibi Moon: Owww, what happened? [to herself] I don't want to hurt her? Why? She's's my duty as a sailor scout to rid the world of evil....but why do I feel such a....

Wicked Lady: [to herself] to this girl? She fights for the forces of good and therefore must be eliminated! I want to kill her but why do I ....

Sailor Chibi-Moon: [to herself] not want to hurt her?

Luna: Time for me to get into action. (Luna appears on the stage.) This isn't right... I know how you two feel that's because you two are the same person!

Sailor Chibi Moon and Wicked Lady: WHAT!!!!

Luna: You've heard of my "Luna Mind Melt." Now you will hear of my "Luna Mind Meld".

Announcer One: Waht is Luna doing?

Announcer Two: Well Luna has aimed at the two and is illuminating some sort of light in to both Chibi moon and wicked lady. They seemed paralyzed...kind of like zombies.

Announcer One: I can see that bonehead....I got eyes...

Announcer Two: you see that really good zombie movie at the Cineplex....where the girl goes into the forest and then....

Announcer One: Put a lid on it....Okay whatever Luna did is done and both chibi moon and wicked lady are looking around confused.

(Chibi-Moon and Wicked lady talk to themselves)
Wicked Lady: What happened? Why do I feel all these new emotions...

Chibi-Moon: What I can hear your thoughts Wicked lady...

Wicked Lady: I can hear your thoughts as well

Chibi-Moon: I can feel you....such evil, such hate why?

Wicked Lady: Wouldn't you if you were neglected...hated by everyone...blamed...

Chibi-Moon: I thought that but it's not true...we're lovd by Serena and Darien...n one blames you...there is no hate when it comes to Sailor moon. She may be a klutz and a crybaby but she loves me...I mean us!

Wicked Lady Laughs out loud.

Announcer One: Wicked Lady just laughed! All right are pigs flying outside or what.

Announcer Two: Look as she laughs and looks happier dark energy is being released from her.

Wicked Lady: I feel so light and airy...what is this new feeling?

Wicked lady and Chibi moon hear in their head:
Neo-Queen Serenity: I love you honey. Mommy loves you.
King Endymion: We love you very very much.

Wicked Lady: Happiness like I've never felt before.....I feel so so .....

Luna: It's your turn now Sailor Moon...

Sailor Moon: Moon Sceptor Healing Activation!!

Wicked Lady: I

Announcer 1: AN ADULT RINI! WOOOOO-HOOOOO!!! WHAT A BABE!!! You know all that evil was just not working for her image.

Announcer 2: OH FRED!

Sailor Moon: What now Luna?

Luna: I guess that is a problem.

Sailor Moon: Yeah if wicked lady is chibi-moon I don't think I can handle the two of them. The brats will drive me crazy!

Chibi-Moon & Wicked Lady: Takes one to know one, Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon: See what I mean It's already started!

Luna: Just wait and see....

Chibi-Moon and wicked lady laugh together. The joy they share activates a power within them and infuses them as one.

Announcer One: Nooooooooo, that older Rini is gone...and I wanted to ask her out!

Chibi-Moon: I feel like my old self again...

Sailor Moon walks over to Chibi-Moon and gives her a hug.

Chibi Moon: Thanks. I knew I could count on you to make everything right!

Sailor Moon: Hey I arranged the moon combat and planned it didn't I?

Sailor Mercury: Actually didn't Luna...

Sailor Moon: Shut up Ami!

Announcer One: So ends another moon combat and once again I am without a date! Uf!

Announcer Two: Come on, I'll treat you to some burgers!


The End