Announcer 2: Hey everybody! It's time for Mooncombat, right Fred?

Announcer 1: That's right, Bob. And today Sailor Mercury and Bulbasaur are getting ready to fight!

Meanwhile Lady Jupiter and her friend Kalli sit in the audience and watch with the other scouts.

Kalli: Did you hear that?! Sailor Mercury's gonna fight Bulbasaur! Do you want to catch `em?

Lady Jupiter: Gotta catch `em all, right?!

Kalli: Right! But let's let Sailor Mercury weaken him first.

Announcers 1 & 2: LETS GET IT ON!

Bulbasaur: BUL...BA...SAUR!!!!

Announcer 1: Looks like he just attacked Mercury, that's gotta hurt!

Announcer 2: But she's back in the game!

Sailor Mercury: Ouch! Just because he looks cute doesn't mean he acts cute! Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze!

Bulbasaur: Bulba-saur!!!

Kalli: That hurt him but do some real weaken him very well she should use fire. His weakness is fire.

Lady Jupiter: Yeah, but where can we find someone like that who can weaken him??

Sailor Mars: You mean me, girls??

The two girls turn and see Sailor Mars in the seat behind them!

Kalli & Lady Jupiter: SAILOR MARS!!! Could you weaken that pokemon for us?

Sailor Mars: Sure! (Sailor Mars enters the ring) Need some help, Mercury?

Sailor Mercury: Yes, I've been having some trouble.... would you lend me soem of your fire power. According to my research Bulbasaur's weakness is fire.

Sailor Mars: Mars Firebird Strike!!!

Cyberman: Noooooooooooo.......

Cyberman jumps in front of Bulbasaur and takes the "heat" for him.

Bulbasaur: BULBASAUR!!!!!!!!!!!

Kalli & Lady Jupiter stare on in complete shock!

Cyberman: Sorry girls, but no one is beating my favourite pokemon! Mew two go!

Kalli & Lady Jupiter: MEW TWO?!!?@!!?

Mew Two: You have hurt my shall pay....

Announcer One: Uh it's turned ugly...

Lady Jupiter: Hey it wasn't us, that was Sailor Mars!

Announcer Two: Seems like we have a whole new moon combat one our hands! Wow Sailor Mars and Mew Two. Now that will be something.


To be continued....