Announcer 1: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mooncombat, where you can see your favorite scouts go head to head in battle!

Announcer 2: That's absolutely correct, Fred! The ultimatae battle today two people who really can't stand each other are going at it. Yes, I'm talking about Sailor Mars, and the beautiful, hot, awsome, cool....

Announcer 1: ....Sailor Moon are going to fight This should be good! You know they can't last 5 minutes without biting each others head off. What are they going to do in a moon combat? Just thinking about it makes me wanna laugh...ha ha, HA HA HA HA HA HA, HEE HEE HEE, OOOOOH my! I can't wait to see this...

Announcer 2: Control yourself man! Your embarrassing me! Do I have to slap you silly again!

Announcer 1: Okay...ha!...okay...let...ho ho!..the fight... Ha ha ha......

Announcer 2: BEGIN! [to Fred] man Fred, what's your problem?

Scouts: No good can come of this...

Sailor Moon: I'm going to turn you to moondust, Mars! You hear me?!... MOONDUST!!!

Sailor Mars: Oh please meatball head. All you've got is the noodles outisde to match the ones in your brain. I'll burn you to a crisp! I hope everybody likes their meatballs....WELL DONE! Ha ha ha, oh I'm so funny, I kill myself.

Sailor Moon: Yeah your funny...that is funny looking...I'd rather be dumb than be a hothead who burns of peoples feet.

Sailor Mars: Oh yeah? Take this. I call on the power of Mars...Fireballs Charge...Mars Firebird Strike!

Sailor Moon: Ouch! Ouch! hot, hot, hot, hot!!!!! Your going to pay! Moon Gorgeous Meditation!

Sailor Mars: OOOOOH! You little brat!

Sailor Moon: Takes one to know one!

Sailor Mars: You take that back!

Sailor Moon: What are you going to make me?

(The two scouts begin an endless start of bickering)

Announcer 2- So, I guess you'll lose all your money again?

Announcer 1- I will not lose my $50 this time! Sailor Moon will win, I know it!!!

Announcer 2- You always say that. And you lost over $200 to me already.

Sailor Mars & Sailor Moon: (together) YOU BET ON US?! HOW DARE YOU!!! Mars Firebird Strike! Moon Sceptar Elemination!


Sailor Moon: (to Sailor Mars) Can you believe those two? Hey, I'm sorry for always fighting with you all the time.

Sailor Mars: Me too, this fighting is really getting us nowhere. Lets go to the arcade.

Sailor Moon: All right, that would be cool! Friends?

Sailor Mars: Friends! (The two scouts start to leave)

Announcer 1: Well, it looks like our two scouts have forfeited the battle.

Announcer 2: Guess so, we'll see you next time on another Mooncombat!

As the two scouts leave Sailor Mars places a "kick me" sign on Sailor Moon's back. The two announcers notice this.

Announcer 1: I knew it wouldn't last...(he begins to laugh hysterically)

Announcer 2: Not again, Fred!

The End