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Announcer One: Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Moon Combat. Our battle today will be between That clumsy Sailor Moon and the adorable little pikachu.

Announcer Two: Well lets see who has ariverd so far . . .Oh my god!! Oh my god!! can you belive!?

Announcer One: Wow!! This has never happened before?

Announcer Two: Ladies and gentlemen we have just entered the twlight zone ; SAILOR MOON is on time ! ! ! !

S. Moon: Hey, I'm not always late, clumsy and thinking about food. I have morals too! and they start with ...

Hotdog Boy: "Hotdogs, hotdogs anybody want some hot dogs!!"

S.Moon: I'll take two! please!!

Everyone in the crowd looks at Sailor moon and just gives a big sigh!

S.Moon: Heh,heh, heh. I was hungry!? hehe

Pikachu: pika, pika

Announcer One: I think I hear pikachu?

A door opens and enters Pokemon trainer Ash with his Pikachu.

Behind him wlaks in Sailor Jupiter.


Announcer One: And the battle has begun!

S.Moon: Moon Tiara Magic!

Announcer One: Nice move by moon, but pikachu was able to dodge it.

Pikachu: PikaaaaaaaaChu!!!!!!!

Announcer One: And pikachu uses his powerful Thunder attack, but pikachu misses and hits some guy in the crowd, oh wait a sceond, it's not just any guy it's Sailor Mars

S.moon: ....

Announcer two: And she missed again, I guess it's pretty hard to fight when you've just eaten 2 hotdogs!!!

Pkachu: Pika, pi

Announcer two: Isn't that a good idea!! Pikachu is tickling Sailor moon. She's down laughing her head of ! She just opens her eyes...

Pikachu: Piii-kaaa-Chuuuuuu

Announcer One: And That battle is over Pikachu wins!!! and now join us for an exclusive with Sailor Jupiter.

Announcer Two: I see you've been hanging out with Pikachu lately...what were you and pikachu doing ?

S.Jupiter: We were practicing our thunder attacks!!!

Announcer Two: !?@!?@!?@!!

The End