Announcer 1: Hello everyone! Welcome to Mooncombat!

Announcer 2: And today Sailor Chibi Moon and Jiggly Puff are going head to head in battle!

Announcer 1: Sailor Chibi Moon is here so far but Jiggley Puff hasn't shown up yet.

They all wait for Jiggly puff.

Announcer 1: Zzzzzzzz...Zzzzzzzz.

Announcer 2: There's a first. Someone's asleep before Jiggly puff has even goten here. Huh? What?! Hey, looks like Jiggley Puff finally arrived!

Announcer 1: *yawn* [Wakes up] Lets get it on, I was so bored I fell asleep!

Sailor Chibi Moon: Ahhhh... it's sooooo cute!

Jiggly Puff: Jiggly...

Chibi: Oh what a cute voice, can you sing little guy?

Announcer 1 & 2: Noooo!!!! Please don't!

Jiggley Puff: (singing) Jigg-ely Puff... Jig-a-leyyyyy Puff! Jig-a-ley Puff... Jig-a-leyyyyy...[finidhes singing and looks around to realize they've all fallen asleep]...PUFF! JIGGLEY PUFF! MMM!

She gets out her marker.and starts drawing on faces on everyone.
5 minutes later...

Announcer 1: Huh? What! Look at your face, Fred! Ha ha ha ha ha ha !

Announcer 2: Shut up,Bob! Look at yours! Look at eveyone's! Looks like Jiggly puff strikes again!

Sailor Chibi Moon: Zzzzzz...zzzzzz

Announcer 1: Well, since Sailor Chibi Moon is still a sleep, looks like Jiggley Puff is our winner!

Jiggly Puff: Jiggly!!!!

Announcer 2: Hey, ummm, Jiggley Puff, this marker isn't permanent, is it?

Jiggley Puff nods yes.

Announcer 1: Aw man! Hey! Hey anybody got any soap?

Everyone leaves rubbing their faces as they go.

The End