Announcer 1: Welcome ladies and gentlemen! Today we have...WHAT'S THIS! Jupiter vs. her own bestfriend!

Announcer 2:Well they got into a HUGE argument and are now battling it out. Here they come now!

Lita (under breath): Big jerk...probably been friends with freddy the whole time. Probably just been using me!

Ken: Lita! Can we talk about this? There's been a misunderstanding...I just want to talk... then the next thing I know some guy named Bob has us here...Lita

Announcer 1: I'm pretty good huh!

Announcer 2: Shut Up!

Lita: Sure you say that now Ken. I though you were my best friend...I can't believe you could do this to me. Now you'll pay...for betraying me...

Ken: [to himself] If I know Lita, she won't calm down until she has all that rage out of her system. Oh well here goes...I can't believe I'm doing this. [To Lita] Let's get it on hiiiiiiiiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Announcer 2: Ken seems poised for action. But he's nopt making a move.

Lita: [to herself] I don't want to hurt him...but what he did was unforgivable...Why isn't he doing anything? Maybe he doesn't want to fight either..

Serena: Litaaaaaa

Serena runs into the ring.

Serena: What are you doing Lita? I thought he was your best friend. Is this the way you treat a best friend? So one day when we get into a fight you mean your going to start a moon combat with me? What are you doing?

Freddy walks in to the stadium, but no one has noticed him yet...

Lita: I'm doing something I should've done long ago....JUPITER POWER

As Sailor Jupiter transforms Ken watches completely surprised.

Ken: She's....She's...Sailor Jupiter...

Announcer 1: Watch out Ken, She's ready for some action now. Sailor Jupiter is our undefeated Champion of Moon Combat. She hasn't lost a battle yet.

Ken: Lita????

Sailor Jupiter: I call on the power of Jupiter....SUPREME THUNDER CRASH

Ken stands horrified as the electric dragon approaches him, as everyone in the audience watches horrified the dragon jumps above Ken and charges ahead to hit...Freddy.

Announcer 1: Wow that was an unexpected move by Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Jupiter transforms back into Lita and her, Ken and Sailor Moon go over to Freddy where he is toasted on the floor.

Freddy: Whoa! What was that? Did somebody catch the license plate of that bus?....Lita?? It that you? I came to talk to you but I don't think I can... [faints].

Lita: Somebody call the paramedics. FAST!

Announcer 1: Oh, man. We have no paramedics.

Announcer 2: Actually it says here in the guide book: "In any case where paramedics are needed the announcers will...I mean Announcer Bob will tend as paramedic.

Announcer 1: Let me see that...

Bob and Fred start chasing one another around the stadium.

Ken: Lita I was trying to tell you. You saw me and Freddy sitting together because he came to tell me he wanted you back. He realizes he made a huge mistake and came to apologize. He came to ask me where he could find you.

Lita: I'm so sorry Ken. Once I get angry it's kind of hard to cool down.

Ken: Your telling me!

Lita notices a cut on Ken's arm.

Lita: Oh no, Ken your hurt!

Ken: It's nothing just a little scrape...okay so it's not little...I'm just trying to put on a brave front...

Lita: Come on I'll take you home and I'll make us some meatloaf and cherry pie with ice cream on the side...

Freddy wakes up and calls to Lita. Lita with Ken on her arm walks over.

Freddy: Lita, I came to tell you...I'm sorry...words can't express how sorry I am...Is there any chance for us?

Lita: You know what Freddy, I used to obsess over you but you know what I've realized people like you are not worth it. You are nothing to me. I'm moving on with my life. Come on Ken.

Lita leaves the stadium with Ken on her arm. While Freddy lay on the ground astonished!

Ami: Shouldn't somebody take care of Freddy. [She looks at the announcers]

Announcer 1: Oh, all right!

He picks up Freddy and goes out of the Stadium grumbling.

Announcer 2: Hey reading this rule book I've realized something. Since Sailor jupiter purposely injured someone outside the ring...she is disqualified...That means Ken wins...I can't believe it. Our unbeaten champion beaten...and without even punch landed....

Mina: Hey, how come Ken doesn't remember Lita is Sailor Jupiter.

Serena: Oh, with my scepter I did my "Moon Healing Amnesia" attack. Why do you think he didn't say anything? Lita wanted it that way. She told me to. She told me when it was time she wanted to tell Ken...herself...her way.

Rei: You mean you actually did something right for once?

Ami: I'm still confused than how did Ken get that bruise?

Serena: Heh heh heh, Ii can answer that...After my attck I droppe my scepter on him and it kind of...heh heh cut his arm and left a bruise...oops

Scouts: Serena!!!!!

The End



P.S. So it finally happened. Many of you keep asking for a moon combat where jupiter loses. Well there you have it. Hey if my Sailor Jupiter was going to lose, it was going to be for a good reason. Sailor Jupiter wouldn't lose to just anyone you know, she doesn't mind losing to Ken! Oh yeah I also added that "Moon Scepter Amnesia" attack thing. Hey afterall these are my stories so what fun is it, if I don't give them new powers and explore the sailor moon world!