Announcer One: Today we have a rather interesting showdown between the klutzy, crybaby Sailor Moon versus adorable little Charmander.

Announcer Two: Sailor Moon isn't here, and the battle should be starting in a few minutes. I'm not surprised she's late. Charmander is here with his trainer Ash Ketchum -- what's this? Charmander's getting mad at Ash for making him fight! Let's zoom in on this fight!

Ash: What do you mean, you don't want to battle?!

Charmander: Char char charmander der char char charmander!

Ash: What do you mean, you're not getting paid enough? WB signs your paycheck every week! If you have a problem with that, go yell at them!

Charmander: Char char charmander der char char charmander!

Ash: WHAT?! I'M supposed to pay you for this?! NO WAY! Oh, wait, I forgot: I did sign you up for this. Are you telling me that you want half the money that Lady Jupiter pays me for this? You must be INSANE! I can't believe this! I need a cheaper Pokémon! Return, Char-

Sailor Moon: Don't return him! He's too cute! Plus if I'm scheduled to battle a charmander I'm going to battle a charmander. I hav efans to please you know!

Sailor Mars: Yeah, who your mother?

Sailor Moon: Here, I'll tell you what, Charmander, I'll pay you all of the money that Lady Jupiter paid me to do this.

Charmander: Charmander char!

Sailor Moon: Great! Now I get to battle you, cutsie-pie!

Announcer One: And now the battle begins! DONG!

Sailor Moon: Silver Crystal Power -- no! I can't do it to someone so CUTE!

Ash: Charmander, Flamethrower attack!

Tuxedo Mask: Sailor Moon, how could you DARE think someone is cuter than me?!

Sailor Moon: Uh-oh.

Charmander's attack hits Sailor Moon and she becomes proerly "toasted".

Announcer One: Well, I guess the winner is Charmander, since Sailor Moon is too toasted to move.

Charmander: Char char!.....Char char charmander

Ash: What! You want my part of the money too, because you won! I'll be leaving now. I think that I'll abandon this Charmander for a cheaper one.

Sailor Moon: DON'T YOU DARE! He's too cute!

Sailor Moon, Ash, Charmander, and Tuxedo Mask continue fighting.

Announcer One: I guess the battle's over for today! I want some doughnuts...

Sailor Moon: DOUGHNUTS....Where???

The End