Announcer 1: Hello and welcome to another Mooncombat!

Announcer 2: That's right, and today are fighters are the BEE-U-TIFUL Sailor Moon, and the dashing but ill tempered Prince Diamond.

Announcer 1: Yes, but neither of them seem to be here at the mome...hold on just a minute! Here they are now!

(Sailor Moon walks in from the left and P. Diamond walks in from the right.)

Announcer 2: So Sailor Moon, how do you feel about this match?

Sailor Moon: All I have to say is AS IF!!!!

Prince Diamond: [to himself] This is my chance. I'll win over Sailor Moon in this match. She'll never know it. But How will I so it?.......I'll use mindcontrol! (heh-heh). That should definitely work. Muwahhhhh [evil laugh]

Announcer 1: Okay I do believe the fight begins right about...(ding-ding) ...NOW!

Sailor Moon: Here goes! Moon Scepter Elimination!

Announcer 2: OOH- to bad Sailor Moon, looks like Diamond dodged that one!

Announcer 1:Yeah, but he seems to be coming back at her.

Prince Diamond: Now's my chance! (Diamond starts using mindcontrol to make Sailor Moon feeling totally helpless). Oh forces of darkness give me the power, let the dark powers engulf the will of Sailor Moon so she may belong to only me. She will know no other than me. Her world shall be mine, her world will be ME!!!! Arrrggghhhh [powering up]

Announcer 1, 2, and Sailor Moon: NOT THIS AGAIN!

Prince Diamond: I'm gonna get her...she will love me only and then she will gladly kiss me...Muwahhhh

Tuxedo Mask: SHE WILL DO WHAT?!

Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask, help me! I'm losing control....

Sailor Moon's eyes go blank and she seems to be in a trance.

Tuxedo Mask: This has to be stopped, taking over someones will is not in the manual , not to mention she's my future wifel you know!!!!

Announcer 2: The cape boy's right, Prince Diamond, you will be disqualified for taking over Sailor Moons' will power.

Prince Diamond aims at the announcers and throws a ball of dark power and the announcers are left upside down.

Announcer 1: Geez, you don't gotta take it so personally. We don't make the rules man, we just enforce em'.

Prince Diamond: It's working, come to me my darling [gestures Sailor Moon towards him]

Sailor Moon floats over and lands on Prince Diamond's arms. He stares down at Sailor Moon's eyes.

Prince Diamond: [whispering, almost to himself] You're so beautiful, so innocent, No, I can't. Oh Sailor Moon if you only knew

Tuxedo Mask: SERENA....

Tuxedo Masks enters the ring and gets ready with his rod poised for action.

Tuxedo Mask: Diamond, let her go or else I'll....

Prince Diamond: Oh, don't get your panty in a twist, cape boy. [softly laughs] It's funny, I'm much more powerful than you are...I can kill you right now....yet you are much more powerful than me for you hold the love of this angel. You fool, you know not how lucky you are.

He lays Sailor Moon down on the ground kisses her on her forehead softly and releases her from his spell and starts to walk off. Tuxedo Mask runs over to Sailor Moon and picks her up in her arms.

Tuxedo Mask: Sailor Moon are you okay? Serena.....

Sailor Moon: Tuxedo? (Sailor Moon happily hugs Tuxedo.) Whoa, I've got a headache...How do I get my self into these situations? You know it's weird though. While I was under his trance, I could feel what he felt. His heart is so empty.

She slowly gets up and walks over to Prince Diamond.

Sailor Moon: Ummmmm....good game....(she touches his hand gently) don't worry, it'll al be all day...(She kisses him softly on the cheek).

The announcers finally get to their feet.

Announcer 1: Sailor Moon is our winner today!

Sailor Moon: I won, I won, hooray, hooray!!!!

Pricne Diamond: [thinking to himself] Thank you Sailor Moon, you really are the winner, you really are the champion of justice.

Prince. Diamond: [to tuxedo] WOOOO-HOOOO Did you see that? Hah hah hah.

Prince Diamond walks out smugly.

Sailor Moon: Let's go Darien...

Tuxedo Mask: YOU KISSED HIM! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU KISSED HIM! I DON'T CARE HOW EMPTY HIS HEART IS. Tell him to buy a new one at the drug store...I can't...couldn't you....I don't believe this...

As they leave the stadium Sailor Moon's and Tuxedo Mask's voice can be heard in argument, fading off in the background.

The End