Announcer One: Um...Hello everyone...We really don't know how this battle got schduled because today it's that elegant Sailor Neptune against Ponyta...except I don't know any Ponyta. Do you?

Ash: Hey don't look at me. The people at WB didn't give me a Pokemon.

Announcer Two: Hey Fred look...All of our problems are solved....

Bob drags in a rather annoyed donkey.

Donkey: Hee-haw...hee-haw...

Announcer One: I don't think so!

Sailor Neptune: Than what am I supposed to battle.

Announcer One: Oh my god! Look....

Announcer Two: A wild Ponyta has entered the stadium, it looks lost.

Sailor Neptune: All right!! I can battle now!

Lady Jupiter: No way, my favourite pokemon is Ponyta, you can't battl eit...I'm gonna catch it!

Sailor Neptune: Hey, let me weaken it fo ryou atleast Lady Jupiter!

Lady Jupiter: It's been weakened. Pokeball...GO!

Announcer One: Well, Lady Jupiter has caught the pokemon and from the looks of it, she is very excited!

Lady Jupiter: Yes, Oh yes....yipppeeee...woo hoo, I caught a Ponyta....

Lady Jupiter continues her chant of "I caught a Ponyta" as everyone leaves the stadium.

The End