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Announcer One: This should be an interesting battle to say the least. Today's battle will be between Sailor Moon and Psyduck.

Announcer Two: This should be a really funny one. He he he. Sailor....ha ha ha...moon...ha ha ha...is......

Announcer One: I think what he's trying to say is Sailor Moon is entering the ring.

Sailor Moon: I have to battle that pathetic thing? Ha ha ha ha. This is funny! I am the champion of justice and I have to beat this little thing. [Sailor Moon starts laughing hysterically.]

Psyduck: Psy...Psyduck?

Sailor Moon: Moon tiara Magic.

The tiara hits psyduck and psyduck begins running around screaming.


Sailor Moon: Won't mars be jealous after I win this battle. This little thing is so pathetic that I can beat it without using my sceptor. He he he. I'll just hit it on the head with it until it passes out.

Sailor Moon starts hitting psyduck on the head.

Psyduck: Psy....psy.....psy.....duck?

Announcer One: What is this? Psyduck seems irratated and his eyes are turning blue.

Psyduck: PSYDUCK!!!!!!!!

Announcer One: Oh my god! Psyduck used his confusion attack and has managed to throw sailor moon acrosss the room.

Sailor Moon: No mommy, I want some more...ha ha ha

Sailor moon starts to babble as the scouts gather around to help her.

Announcer Two: sAilo rMoon lost? That can't be! Nooooooo!

Announcer One: That's okay Fred. I know how you feel, I thought Sailor Moon would win.

Announcer Two: What! Who cares about that I had twenty bucks on this battle. Oh man...

Sailor Mars: Hey pal, you owe me twenty bucks!!!

The End