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Announcer One: Today's battle should be interesting to say the least. Today it will be against that evil dude in the corner Wiseman and the jelly looking pokemon Ditto. Ditto has the power to transform into anything and Wiseman well he's just really really really powerful and evil. Not a good combination.Well Wiseman is here but where is ditto?

Wiseman: Where is Small lady? I need her just incase...muwahhhhh [evil laugh].

Announcer Two: Hey what's that, it's small lady. For those of you who have just tuned in...Small lady is our beloved reeny, who was turned E-V-I-L thanks to wiseman. don't you hate that guy?

Announcer One: Yes I do Fred. What is this Small lady is attacking wiseman. It seems a combat has started despite ditto not being here.

Announcer Two: Small Lady has just thrown large beam of energy at wiseman. oooh and wiseman has been hit.

Wise Man: What is this? It can't be...but how...there is no way she...

Sailor Moon: Reeny? Is she back? Reeny....

Sailor Moon runs on to the stage. Reeny looks at her and starts glowing.

Announcer One: Oh my god! what's happening. Reeny is morphing into ...into...a DITTO! It's been ditto all along. He's looking at Sailor moon and my god he's morphed into sailor moon.This is a shocker ladies and gentlemen.

Ditto: Sailor Moon rainbow heart attack.

Announcer Two: Ouch and he's moon dust. Wiseman had no idea what was coming.

Sailor Moon: Hey, you imposter...I was supposed to moon dust him.

Sailor Mercury: Wow that ditto is quite good.

Sailor Mars: Yeah, better than our little champion of justice.

Sailor Moon: What is that supposed to mean Sailor Mars.

Sailor Mars: It's supposed to mean your a meatball head who can't even.....

Announcer One: Well a briliant strategy by ditto has led him to win today.

Announcer Two: Yes, he first disguised himself as small lady to throw wiseman off guard and then morphed into Sailor Moon to moon dust wiseman. What a show! Well that's all for today but uh oh! The two sailor moon's have gotten mixed up. Who's who?

Sailor Mars: I know a way...

Sailor Mars steps on one of the sailor moon's feet. The "sailor moon" morphs into ditto then back in to Sailor Mars.

Ditto: Mars flame sniper.

Sailor Mars: *toasted with smoke coming out of her mouth* It's that one.

Sailor Mars collapses as the rest of the scouts shake their head.

Sailor Moon: See, Mars, that hot head of yours...

Sailor Mars: Don't mess with me...

Sailor Moon: Ha ha ha...

Sailor Mars: I'll get you Serena....

The End